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Issue 113
Spring 2017
The Journal of the American Botanical Council

Medicinal Fungi: Chemistry, Activity, and Product Assurance

Dear Reader

Dear Reader

Herb Profiles

Lycium (Goji Berry)

ABC News
ABC Recognizes Herb Adoptions by FutureCeuticals and Naturopathica
American Botanical Council Welcomes 12 New Advisory Board Members
ABC Requests DEA Not to Proceed with Restrictive Scheduling of Kratom
ABC Requests FDA to Continue to Revise the New Dietary Ingredient Draft Guidance

American Botanical Council: 2016 Year in Review


New Botanical Adulterants Bulletins Published on Saw Palmetto and St. John’s Wort

Botanical Adulterants Program Named ‘Best of Industry’ for 2016 by Nutritional Outlook

World News

Census of Greek Medical Manuscripts Illuminates Centuries of Herbal Medicine Practice

Research Reviews

Ashwagandha Root Extract Improves Symptoms of OCD in Certain Patients

Results of New Cranberry Trial in JAMA Misreported to the Public

Flax Seed and Chamomile Flower Infusion Relieves Dry Mouth in Elderly Patients

Hops Extract Reduces Body Fat in Overweight Subjects
Book Reviews

Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care

Plants with Anti-Diabetes Mellitus Properties

Botanical Miracles: Chemistry of Plants that Changed the World

What Have Plants Ever Done for Us? Western Civilization in Fifty Plants

In Memoriam

Robert ‘Bob’ M. Duggan1939-2016

Klaus Dürbeck1956-2016

Christof Jaenicke1953-2017

Kathe Koumoutseas 1950-2016

Book Profiles
New Book Profiles
Quality Control

NASC Preferred Supplier Program Focuses on Quality Standards in Animal Supplement Industry