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American Botanical Council Launches ‘Herbal MediaWatch’ Online News Feed
New ABC educational service highlights timely, relevant medicinal plant-related headlines

The American Botanical Council (ABC) is pleased to announce a new feature on its website — Herbal MediaWatch, a continually updated compilation of headlines from media stories relevant to virtually all fields of herbal medicine represented in ABC’s diverse member base.

Herbal MediaWatch highlights articles from a range of sources, from leading national and international newspapers and magazines to industry publications, research websites, and blogs. The headlines featured in each Herbal MediaWatch post are organized by topic, including the following categories: Science & Research, Legal & Regulatory, Community & Industry, Cannabis Update, Dietary Supplements, Consumer & Popular, Quality Control & Adulteration, Trends & Technology, Environment & Conservation, Traditional Medicine, and more.

Herbal MediaWatch is free and available to the public, a benefit of ABC’s nonprofit educational mission. A link to each news update will be posted to ABC’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

“It is ABC’s intention that Herbal MediaWatch helps individuals, both personally and professionally, keep up to date with the exploding amount of coverage the fascinating and important area of health and health-related practices is receiving in the media,” said Denise Meikel, ABC’s director of development.

ABC members, registered users of the extensive ABC website, and others can access ABC’s HerbalMediaWatch by liking ABC on Facebook and/or following ABC’s Twitter feed.

As with the Media Watch summaries featured in each monthly issue of ABC’s HerbalEGram and weekly issue of ABC’s Herbal News & Events, the links included in each Herbal MediaWatch update are live at the time of posting. However, some news organizations and websites remove articles and disable links at various times. Accordingly, ABC posts the links to the articles as an educational service, but cannot guarantee their longevity or the accuracy of the information in them.

–ABC Staff