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Issue 110
Summer 2016
The Journal of the American Botanical Council

Artemisinin: A Nobel Prize-Winning Antimalarial from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cannabis Taxonomy: The ‘Sativa’ Vs. ‘Indica’ Debate

Saffron: The Salubrious Spice

Dear Reader
Dear Reader
Herb Profiles

Stinging Nettle

ABC News
American Botanical Council Presents Annual Botanical Excellence Awards
Leading International Natural Products Companies Participate in ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb Program
American Botanical Council Launches ‘Herbal MediaWatch’ Online News Feed
New Series of ‘Botanical Adulterants Bulletins’ to Help Raise Awareness of Current Herb Adulteration
University Pharmacy Research Centers Endorse Botanical Adulterants Program
World News
Interactive Map of Amazonian Travels of Noted Ethnobotanist Richard E. Schultes
Research Reviews
Ashwagandha Improves Muscle Strength and Recovery in Men Performing Resistance Training
Topical Black Cumin as Effective as NSAID Gel in Treating Cyclic Mastalgia
Tongkat Ali Improves Cell-mediated Immune Function in Healthy Adults
Book Reviews

Discovering Aboriginal Plant Use: The Journeys of an Australian Anthropologist

Active Phytochemicals from Chinese Herbal Medicines: Anti-Cancer Activities and Mechanisms

Phytopharmacy: An Evidence-Based Guide to Herbal Medicinal Products

Phytotherapy in the Management of Diabetes and Hypertension, Volume 1

In Memoriam
Adolf Nahrstedt 1940-2015
Devan Shah 1962-2016