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When Massachusetts-based company Medicinal Genomics (MG) sequenced the genome for Cannabis sativa in August, the national media jumped to cover the development and create attention-grabbing headlines. However, some were left questioning how the sequenced genome will actually affect cannabis science and research. An article in this issue of HerbalEGram features input from leading cannabis researcher Ethan Russo, MD, as well as MG Founder Kevin McKernan.

Another article in this issue discusses Health Canada's recently issued, more relaxed guideline for the compliance enforcement of products containing p-synephrine, p-octopamine, and caffeine. Additionally, the American Botanical Council clarifies its recent estimate of 2010 herb-sales growth after obtaining new information from one of its key sources, Nutrition Business Journal.



The American Botanical Council


HerbalGram 91, now available online, HG91coverincludes a beautiful feature on the Medieval Arabic Manuscript, Paris Kitâb al-Diryâq—or Book of Theriac. This issue's second feature story discusses the reproducible safety and efficacy of of botanical ingredients meeting certain specifications. Additional articles include an analysis of the cannabis webpage recently added to the National Cancer Institute's website, as well as a guest editorial on the future state of the dietary supplements industry.


Featured Book

Healing IntelligenceOctober’s featured book excerpt comes from The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy, written by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD. In the book, scheduled for publication in mid-November by Healing Arts Press, Schnaubelt presents a variety of uses of these plant essences, from healing cuts and scrapes to treating chemotherapy side effects. The excerpt selected for readers of HerbalEGram includes the book’s table of contents and Chapter 8, “How to Apply Essential Oils Topically.”

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Media Watch

We have tested the links of the following articles prior to publication; however, some news organizations remove stories and disable links at various times.

Saffron and Liver Cancer. The National. 10-3-11. Recent research from the United Arab Emirates found that saffron killed cancerous cells in rats with liver cancer.

Experimental Herbal Drug Reverses Effects of Toxic Wild Mushrooms. NPR. 9-30-11. Four recent cases of mushroom poisoning have been treated successfully with a drug containing silibinin, which comes from milk thistle.

Climate Change Could Make Chocolate a Luxury. Huffington Post. 10-3-11. The global chocolate industry obtains almost 50% of its cocoa from West Africa, a region with rising temperatures.

$360K Medicinal Cannabis Tax Payment. San Francisco Chronicle. 10-1-11. Since Oakland, CA, voters approved a 5% tax on medicinal marijuana, a local health center will pay about $1.1 million in annual taxes.

Saw Palmetto No Better Than Placebo for Urinary Tract Symptoms? NutraIngredients. 9-28-11. ABC's Mark Blumenthal and other community leaders respond to a recent study in which this popular herbal supplement did not fare better than the placebo.

Fury Over Australian 'Coke and Fries' Supplement Deal. PharmaTimes. 9-28-11. Consumer groups and the national medical association are criticizing a decision by the Pharmacist Guild to promote a leading supplement manufacturer's products.

Utah Researcher Teaching Sheep to Self-Medicate. Deseret News. 9-14-11. Hoping to curb livestock parasites' resistance to drugs, this researcher is training sheep to eat medicinal plants.

Honor for Anti-Malarial Chinese Scientist. New York Times. 9-12-11. Dr. Tu Youyou, who helped create the anti-malarial medicine artemisinin from wormwood, has been honored with the most prestigious medical award in the United States.


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October 27-28: 4th World Congress on Tea & Health. Berlin, Germany.

November 3-4: AICR Annual Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer. Washington, DC.

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Recent News

Sequencing the Cannabis Genome: Impact, History, and Future. The recently decoded Cannabis sativa L. genome is expected to build upon the rich collection of existing cannabis genetics work to possibly result in many more strain sequences and varieties of the plant with increased therapeutic potential.

Health Canada Relaxes Guidelines on p-Synephrine Use. A new guideline published by the Canadian regulatory body relaxes the protocol for investigators who enforce compliance of products containing this bitter orange extract protoalkaloid.

Estimated Herb-Sales Growth in 2010: Clarification. Recently obtained information from Nutrition Business Journal has altered the initial estimate of 2010 herb-sales growth published by the American Botanical Council earlier this year.