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ABC to hold 4th Annual American Botanical Celebration and Awards Ceremony

ABC Publishes Monograph on Scientific and Clinical Research of Sinupret®

February 15, 2009: ABC Executive Director Mark Blumenthal to Speak at the 2009 Tapestry of Jewish Learning in Austin, Texas: Blumenthal will be giving a lecture titled "Herbs and Medicinal Plants of the Bible," in which he discusses many plants and herbs and their traditional uses and supporting research.

ABC Executive Director Mark Blumenthal Featured in February Issue of Functional Ingredients Magazine

Conference in New Mexico to Celebrate Herbalist Michael Moore: ABC Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will act as master of ceremonies of the conference banquet.


The US Food and Drug Administration recently released its final guidance regarding substantiation of dietary supplement Hoodia thumbnailclaims, and industry trade organizations provide their opinions of the new guidance in this issue of HerbalEGram. Unilever’s rejection of hoodia as a potential ingredient for diet products, meanwhile, has left the plant with uncertain marketing prospects. Various experts and stakeholders weigh in on the situation in this issue.

Hoodia gordonii Photo©2009 Herbresearch

ABC is busy preparing for its 4th Annual American Botanical Celebration event in Anaheim, California, as well as other upcoming appearances and engagements. We hope to see any and all members who may be in attendance at these events!

The Staff of the American Botanical Council 

Media Watch

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Santa Cruz Doctor Helps Save Family Who Ate Poisonous Mushrooms. The Mercury News. 1-12-09. For the second time, Dr. Todd Mitchell uses a special milk thistle preparation to save victimes of mushroom poisoning.  

Report Shows 77% Of Adults in UK Agree on Herbal Medicine Regulation. Medical News Today. 1-14-09. Research finds a majority of people in the United Kingdom see a need for herbal products to be regulated. 

Throw Back a Cool Drank for 'Slow Roll.' The Tennessean. 1-13-09. Looking to relax from stress associated with the economic recession, people are turning to “anti-energy” drinks that contain a variety of herbs.

How Supplements Can Bite Their Buyers. Philadelphia Inquirer. 1-18-09. A Major League Baseball Player's suspension, stemming from his use of a dietary supplement, has led to criticism of how the supplement industry is regulated.

A County in China Sees Its Fortunes in Tea Leaves Until a Bubble Bursts. New York Times. 1-16-09. After a boom and bust in the market for Pu'er tea, a region in China's southwest has learned a lesson about gullibility, greed and speculation.

Bug Crazy: Assessing the Benefits of Probiotics. The Wall Street Journal. 1-13-09. Probiotic-containing products are common items in grocery stores, but nutritionists and studies say not all deliver the same health benefits.

Researchers Employ 4 Local Plants to Treat Drug Resistant Microbial Infections. The Guardian. 1-8-09. Nigerian researchers discover that 4 traditional medicinal plants are active in treating the most common cause of staph infections. 

Herbal Medicine Conservation Areas to Come up in Chhattisgarh. Hindu Business Line. 1-20-09. A joint project will develop 15 conservation areas in the for


The following are just a few of the upcoming events that you will find listed on ABC’s Event Calendar.

February 19-21,2009: The Integrative Healthcare Symposium. New York, NY. *ABC members will receive a 15% discount on registration.*

March 4-8, 2009: Nutracon and Natural Products Expo West 2009. Anaheim, CA, USA. This also includes the Supply Expo and Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace.

April 6-9, 2009: 8th Annual Oxford International Conference on the Science of Botanicals. Oxford, MS.

Featured Book Excerpt

The current HerbClip bin was released on January 29, 2009. The following samples have been made available online to all members:

Consumption of Flavonoid-Rich Diet Improves Cognitive Performance in the Elderly

Rhodiola Extract Impacts Burnout Fatigue, Attention, and Cortisol Response

ABC members at the Academic level and higher can access all 15 HerbClips just released by visiting the HerbClip homepage. To gain access to all HerbClips, upgrade your membership.

Recent News

American Ginseng berry Panax quinquefolius

FDA Publishes Final Guidance on Substantiation of Supplement Claims 

USDA Publishes Final Rule on Country of Origin Labeling for Raw Ginseng                                                        American Ginseng Panax quinquefolius Photo ©2007 Ginseng Board of Wisconsin

After Another Canceled Partnership, the Future of Hoodia Remains Unclear                              

Government Survey Finds Over One-Third of American Adults Use CAM

Report from the 4th World Conservation Congress of IUCN 

NCCAM Funds New Botanical Research Center