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ABC Receives 2007 NBJ Business Achievement Award for Education

Free Copies of Classic Issues of HerbalGram for University Classes
Because education is the key word in the American Botanical Council’s mission statement, one of ABC's goals has always been to share the information in HerbalGram with those who might not have ready access to it. One way that ABC accomplishes this goal is by offering free copies of classic back issues of ABC’s peer-reviewed quarterly journal to university classes in topics such as ethnobotany, economic botany, pharmacognosy, ethnopharmacology, and related plant sciences. ABC encourages all university, pharmacy or medical school instructors and/or students who believe that their curricula might benefit from reading HerbalGram to contact ABC about free copies at

February 27-28: Food Technology Presents: Developing and Marketing Products for Consumer Health and Wellness. Chicago, IL. American Botanical Council Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will present a speech titled "Examining Domestic and International Systems that Maintain Food Safety and Minimize Risk." The Food Technology conference will provide you with practical insights into emerging issues spanning the lifecycle of health and wellness products. 

March 1: Lloyd Library Initiative Historical Research Center for the Natural Health Movement. Cincinnati, OH.
The American Botanical Council’s Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will present a speech titled “The Importance of Documenting the History of the Natural Health Movement.” Lloyd Library is launching a new initiative to establish the Lloyd Library and Museum as the principal repository worldwide for the archives and personal papers of all individuals, groups, organizations and associations, schools and colleges, businesses, etc. involved in both scientific and grass roots endeavors to bring natural health into the mainstream. For more information, please visit

March 26-29: 2008 NHPRS 5th Annual Conference & Exhibition. *Toronto, Canada. Featuring renownedpharmacognosist  Dr. Norman Farnsworth, and a slate of world class plenary speakers, including Dr. Michael Balick, Dr. Edward Croom, and Dr. Peter Hylands, this is definitely a must-attend event.

Scientific sessions will showcase cutting-edge research and panelists including Dr. Mary Hardy and Dr. Carmen Tamayo, who will spearhead dialogue on timely topics such as "The Role of NHPs in Health Care."

*Social highlights include a fabulous networking reception hosted by Chromadex and the gala banquet with dinner speaker Mark Blumenthal. Be part of this International Research Celebration! To find out more about this exciting conference program, please visit the Web site at Register before February 20th to take advantage of early-bird savings on conference fees and to access special hotel room rates.

Watch for a special communication from ABC about the next Pharmacy from the Rainforest ecotour to the Peruvian Amazon and the "lost city" of Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains.

The benefits of both cranberry and hawthorn extract have been receiving much attention in the news during the past few weeks, particularly in light of 2 Cochrane Collaboration reviews published in late January. These reviews found that randomized, controlled clinical trials support the benefits of cranberry for preventing urinary tract infections in women and the benefits of hawthorn leaf with flower extract for improving cardiac performance in patients in the early stages of heart disease. This is positive, timely news about respected traditional herbal medicines.

The Staff of the American Botanical Council


The new issue of HerbalGram (#77) is now online!

HG77 Cover

Native American Herbal Prescription Sticks: Indigenous 19th Century Pharmacopeias

Herb Profile: Calendula

Additional articles from previous issues are available at the online HerbalGram Issue List.

Media Watch

We tested the links of the articles below just prior to publication to ensure that they were still live. However, various publications disable links at different times and we are not responsible for the longevity of links for these articles.

Mizzou Researchers Study Popular African Herbal Remedy
Researchers will take a closer look at the South African herb Sutherlandia and its effects on depression, cancer, and HIV.
Bierach, Julie. Mizzou Researchers Study Popular African Herbal Remedy. KWMU News. December 10, 2007.

Myanmar Sets Up Herbal Park to Promote Traditional Medicines
A park containing over 20,000 herbal and medicinal plants will be cultivated to preserve the traditional medicine practices of Myanmar.
Rizwan, Mudassir. Myanmar Sets Up Herbal Park to Promote Traditional Medicines. Indian Muslims. January 6, 2008.

New Questions on Treating Cholesterol
Studies of new cholesterol-lowering drugs show that lowering low-density lipoprotein levels alone may not improve overall cardio health.
Berenson, Alex. New Questions on Treating Cholesterol. New York Times. January 17, 2008.

All the Buzz
Though energy drinks are rising in popularity, they may do more harm than good due to high levels of caffeine, salt, and possibly harmful ingredients, at least according to this writer.
LeBlanc, Pamela. All the Buzz. Austin American-Statesman. January 22, 2008.

Ottawa Loses Marijuana Fight
Users of medicinal marijuana will have more choice of providers after an appeal by the Canadian federal government is rejected and ruled unconstitutional.
Fitzpatrick, Meagan. Ottawa Loses Marijuana Fight. National Post. January 11, 2008.

Drug Brand Search Extends to Far Reaches of Alphabet
Naming a new drug is a subtle science of its own, which relies on subconscious word associations.
Murphy, Tom. Drug Brand Search Extends to Far Reaches of Alphabet. Austin American-Statesman. January 22, 2008.

What’s Cholesterol Got to Do With It?
Heart disease and its relationship to cholesterol get a closer look after the questionable outcome of a recent Vytorin study.
Taubes, Gary. What’s Cholesterol Got to Do With It?. New York Times. January 27, 2008.

Are Herbal Remedies the New Big Pharma?
Ethnobotany advocate Chris Kilham discusses the use of herbal medicines by pharmaceutical companies and by consumers.
Sittenfeld, Linda R. Are Herbal Remedies the New Big Pharma?. CNBC. January 15, 2008.

California Vending Machines to Dispense Medicinal Highs
Registered medicinal marijuana customers will be able to purchase the product after store hours in a location watched by a security guard with a verification card and fingerprint as well as a camera to take their picture.
Glaister, Dan. California Vending Machines to Dispense Medicinal Highs. The Guardian. January 29, 2008.

Regimens: An Herbal Extract Eases Symptoms of Heart Failure
A review of 14 studies has found that the use of hawthorn extract in conjunction with conventional treatment may help treat chronic heart failure.
Bakalar, Nicholas. Regimens: An Herbal Extract Eases Symptoms of Heart Failure. New York Times. February 5, 2008.

Herbal Extract Found to Increase Lifespan
A study of fruit flies fed a diet that contained Rhodiola rosea found that the herb increased their lifespan an average of 10 percent.
Herbal Extract Found to Increase Lifespan. Today@UCI. December 5, 2007.

New Respect Between East, West
As interest in herbal remedies increases, medical schools and physicians are working closely with herbal medicine practitioners to treat patients.
Dybas, Cheryl Lyn. New Respect Between East, West. Washington Post. January 29, 2008.

Antidepressant Studies Unpublished
Some drug makers did not publish studies with unsatisfactory results prior to 2004. Those in the pharmaceutical industry are working to rectify this and make research more transparent.
Carey, Benedict. Antidepressant Studies Unpublished. New York Times. January 17, 2008.


The current HerbClip bin was released on February 15, 2008. Two samples have been made available online to all members:

Effectiveness of Devil's Claw Preparation for Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Conditions

Potential Therapeutic Efficacy of Slim339, a Proprietary Fixed Combination of Malabar Tamarind, Calcium Pantothenate, and Four Other Extracts for Obesity

ABC members at the Academic level and higher can access all 14 HerbClips just released by visiting the HerbClip Homepage.

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The HerbClip Educational Mailing Service is published twice monthly and provides printed copies of reviews/summaries along with the original articles (in most cases). This unique educational benefit is available at the Sponsor Member level and for HerbClip Service members. For more information, please contact ABC’s Membership Department by email or by phone at 512-926-4900.