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American Botanical Council Announces Recipients of Botanical Literature and Research Awards

Integrative Medicine Expert John Weeks Joins ABC Board of Trustees

HerbDay 2007 set for October 13

April 30-May 2: SupplySide East International Trade Show and Conference. Secaucus, NJ. Industry members can stay ahead of the “innovation” curve by learning about the latest healthy and innovative ingredients at this important industry event. They can meet new vendors and formulators in the sold-out exhibit hall. This conference and trade show features source ingredients, packaging, labeling, private-label manufacturing services and such resources needed to create new dietary and food products. For attendee information, call Marsha-Gail Henderson Phone: 1-800-454-5760. For exhibits/sponsorships, call Todd Wills Phone: 480-990-1101, ext 1171. For advertising, call Peggy Jackson Phone: 480-990-1101 or visit Web site:

June 5-7: Fifth Annual Health Strategy Consulting (HSC) North American Conference. Atlantic City, NJ. The Fifth Annual HSC North American Executive Conference, June 5 -7, 2007 features a global learning connection using pertinent, facilitated business case studies. This high-level conference challenges the issues that face companies as they compete in global markets ­ sharing diverse knowledge, backgrounds and perspectives to collectively formulate new ideas and alternative solutions in the natural products arena.

June 9-11: The World Tea Expo. Atlanta, GA. The World Tea Expo is the largest international trade show for tea & tea-related products. More than 300 exhibitors ranging from growers to wholesalers to tea-ware. Over 50 seminars and workshops will be held, including a presentation by ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal on Health Benefits of Herbal Tea and Tisane Ingredients. Mark will also participate on a ‘Hot Topics’ Panel discussion. The WTE will be held June 9-11, 2007 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. ABC is a Gold Sponsor of the event and will exhibiting in Booth #501. Registration is available online at

We are proud to announce the recipients of ABC’s annual James A. Duke Botanical Literature Award and the Norman R. Farnsworth Botanical Research Awards - Prof. Eberhard Teuscher and Prof. Edzard Ernst, respectively. Also, ABC is pleased to announce that Intergrative Medicine expert John Weeks has joined the ABC Board of Trustees. You will find details below in the ABC News section of this month’s HerbalEGram.

The date for this year’s HerbDay celebration will be Saturday, October 13, 2007. As you may remember from last year’s celebration, herb organizations and groups around the country found innovative ways to educate their communities about the many benefits of medicinal herbs and herbalism (See coverage of HerbDay 2006 in HerbalGram 73). We are confident that HerbDay 2007 will be as big or bigger than HerbDay 2006. Now is a great time to think of ways you can contribute to your region’s celebration. You can find news and tips on hosting your HerbDay event by visiting the HerbDay website.

Thank you for your continued contributions to our educational mission.

The Staff of the American Botanical Council


HerbalGram 74 will be mailed at the beginning of May. Featured articles include:



Herbal Medicine in Iran

Paradise Nearly Lost: Jamaica’s Forgotten Cinchona Gardens

Illegal Stripping and Conservation of Slippery Elm Trees

Additional articles from previous issues are available at

Media Watch

You Can Call Them Herb… - Jewish Exponent
Herbalists at the two-day symposium sponsored by Morris Arboretum and the University of Pennsylvania's Schools of Medicine and Nursing discuss the growing use of herbs by traditional medical practitioners. Rosci, Frank. You Can Call Them Herb. Jewish Exponent. March 8, 2007.

L.A.’s Marijuana Stores Take Root - USA Today
California has seen a boom in medicinal marijuana dispensaries, which has become an unintentional side effect of the original 1996 ballot initiative. Welch, William M. L.A.’s marijuana stores take root. USA Today. March 8, 2007.

Dueling Therapies: Is a Shotgun Better Than a Silver Bullet? - Wall Street Journal
The FDA’s new guidelines on medicinal herbs and supplements has opened the market to Chinese herbs which were once difficult to get approved due to a requirement mandating proof of a single active ingredient. Zamiska, Nicholas. Dueling Therapies: Is a Shotgun Better Than a Silver Bullet?. Wall Street Journal. March 2, 2007.

Chile Rediscovers Native Mapuche remedies - Washington Post
Some Chileans are incorporating remedies from the Mapuche tribe into their modern medical treatments. Aliaga, Carolina. Chile Rediscovers Native Mapuche Remedies. Washington Post. March 25, 2007.

More Parents are Exploring, Using Holistic Therapies - Herald News
When traditional medical remedies don’t work, some parents turn to alternative therapies. A list of resources for parents and short descriptions of common techniques is included. Haddon, Heather. More Parents are Exploring, Using Holistic Therapies. Herald News. March 26, 2007.

Dying Woman Loses Appeal on Marijuana as Medication - New York Times
Despite conceding that evidence shows that a dying woman needs medicinal marijuana to survive, federal appellate judges ruled that she is not “immune to federal prosecution”. The case was sent to the lower court after being heard by the Supreme Court. McKinley, Jesse. Dying Woman Loses Appeal on Marijuana as Medication. New York Times.

A Healthy Business from Herbal Seat Pads - Daily News
A businessman in Sri Lanka has built a company that makes seat cushions filled with herbs from the surrounding area. A Healthy Business from Herbal Seat Pads. Daily News. March 27, 2007.

Some Chinese Herbs Reduce Nausea Associated with Chemotherapy -
A clinical study on colon cancer patients shows that Chinese herbal medicine may help with side effects associated with chemotherapy. Some Chinese Herbs Reduce Nausea Associated with Chemotherapy. Accessed April 4, 2007.

Scientist Urges Research into Patches - The Northern Echo
Researchers for Durham University have found that Herbal nicotine patches may be more effective and take less time to work than mainstream nicotine replacement patches. Nelson, Barry. Scientist Urges Research into Patches. The Northern Echo. February 11, 2007.

In City, Roman Doctor Fights a Herbal War - Indian Express Newspapers
After 12 years as an allopathic doctor, Dr Marilena Gilca has turned her studies towards herbal medicine and will soon release a book on phytotherapy. Srivastava, Asit. In City, Roman Doctor Fights a Herbal War. Indian Express Newspapers. February 11, 2007.

Research Grant Targets Complementaries - The Australian
The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia has granted $5 million to groups investigate the use of complimentary alternative medicines. Hoffman, Lynnette. Research Grant Targets Complementaries. The Australian. March 24, 2007.

It’s All Go for Ginkgo as Export Cash Crop -
A charitable organization in Australia called DTS uses the favorable climate in New Zealand to grow ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.) and pass the profits onto people with special needs. Carpinter, Bernard. It’s All Go for Ginkgo as Export Cash Crop. March 28, 2007.

The Rise of Complementary Medicine - The Adirondack Daily Enterprise
The Author lists several reasons that complementary alternative medicine will continue to rise in the US. Bryjak, George J. The Rise of Complementary Medicine. The Adirondack Daily Enterprise. April 9, 2007.