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ABC’s Celebration and Botanical Awards Banquet a Huge Success

American Botanical Council Announces Award Winners

Neil Blomquist Joins ABC Board of Trustees

Putting Herbal Therapies to the Test (download pdf)
A guest editorial written for Clinical Psychiatry News by ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal calls for more research and studies on herbs and supplements.

“Herbal Advocate: An Interview with ABC’s Mark Blumenthal” Integrative Medicine, March 2006 (download pdf)

April: 6-8 Texas Dietetic Association Conference. Woodlands, TX. ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will present a lecture covering “Negative Outcomes in Clinical Trials and the Media: A Crisis in Consumer Confidence.” Web site:

The ABC Celebration and Botanical Excellence Awards Banquet was a great success and a milestone for the ABC community. Our first annual Celebration permitted us to thank our Sponsor Members, and honored those within the herbal community for the fine scientific and publishing work that they’ve done. You can find details about the Celebration and the Honorees in this month’s issue of HEG.

We have received scores of positive comments about the spirit of this event. This is only the beginning of a tradition since the Celebration will now be held annually in conjunction with Nutracon and the Natural Products Expo West.

As we look forward, towards HerbDay on October 14, we trust that the support and spirit of the Celebration will expand and grow in the months ahead.


The Staff of the American Botanical Council


HerbalGram #70 will ship on May 1, 2006.

Articles from issue # 69 are available at


Pharmacognosy Magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated to the field of phytotherapy through the dissemination of medicinal plant research and development data. Published by Phcog.Net, Pharmacognosy Magazine seeks to bring new ideas to the quest for unraveling the mystery of plants and covers a variety of topics related to natural product drug discovery. Manuscripts appearing in the magazine are peer-reviewed and describe investigations, clinical reports, methods, techniques, and applications of all forms of medicinal plant research which are of immediate interest to users in the industry, academia, and government. Please visit for more information, including subscription, online access, and manuscript submission instructions.

FDA issues warning on dietary supplements - MSNBC
Companies that make two dietary supplements containing synthetic steroids must stop the selling their products due to the Food and Drug Administration’s concern that they may cause serious long-term health problems.
“FDA issues warning on dietary supplement.” The Associated Press. March 9, 2006.

Your Guide to Echinacea Etiquette - Health
Tips and tricks for getting the most out of echinacea when using them to boost immunity.
Martin, Adam. “Your Guide to Echinacea Etiquette.” Health. March 2006.

Yerba Mate: The accent is on popular health drink – USA Today
Yerba mate is becoming increasingly popular due to its purported health benefits and energy boosters.
Goodfriend, Anne. “Yerba mate: the Accent is on popular health.” USA Today. March 2, 2006.

Prevention: The Case Against Vitamins – Wall Street Journal
Recent studies conclude that vitamin supplements have negative of little effect on disease despite the rise in consumer confidence.
Parker-Pope, Tara. Prevention: The Case Against Vitamins. Wall Street Journal March 20, 2006.

Pepper Component Hot Enough to Trigger Suicide in Prostate Cancer Cells – Science Daily
A team of researchers has found that capsaicin may cause human prostate cancer cells to undergo apoptosis.
Pepper Component Hot Enough to Trigger Suicide in Prostate Cancer Cells – Science Daily. March 19, 2006.

Bush Selects Nominee for F.D.A. – New York Times
President Bush has nominated Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach as the new commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, however, the controversy over Plan B may stall his approval by the U.S. Senate.
Harris, Gardiner. Bush Selects Nominee for F.D.A. Chief. New York Times. March 15, 2006.

Colgate, on Oral Health Kick, Swallows Tom’s of Maine – New York Times
Colgate has acquired Tom’s of Maine in an effort to enter the “fast-growing health and specialty trade channel.”
Sorkin, Andrew Ross ed. Colgate, on Oral Health Kick, Swallows Tom’s of Maine. New York Times: DealBook. March 21, 2006.

Eating Your Way to Health – New York Times
Food companies take another crack at breaking new products into the functional foods market with novel strategies and advertising campaigns.
Warner, Melanie. Eating Your way to Health. New York Times. December 28, 2005. 

Skin Deep: Awash in Ancient Hindu Wisdom – New York Times
Health spas are using ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide range of health problems in clients by focusing on skin.
Jaret, Peter. Skin Deep: Awash in Ancient Hindu Wisdom. New York Times. March 9, 2006.

Herbal Remedies Fill Void of Traditional Medicine – USA Today
The high prices for traditional medicine and loss of many physicians leave many Iraqis looking for herbal remedies.
Sabah, Zaid. Herbal Remedies Fill Void of Traditional Medicine. USA Today. March 9, 2006.

Curry Flavor – Mail Tribune
Scientists are studying the potential health benefits of turmeric ranging from cancer to cystic fibrosis and Alzheimer’s.
MacGregor, Hilary E. Curry Flavor. Mail Tribune. March 8, 2006.

Coca Eradication Way Down Under Morales – The News Herald
The rate of coca field destruction is declining under the new Bolivian president.
Bajak, Frank. Coca Eradication Way Down Under Morales. The News Herald. March 30, 2006.


The current HerbClip bin was released on 3/30/2006. Two samples have been made available online to all members:

Coffee's Role as Functional Food and Medicinal Herb

Meta-analysis of Clinical Trials on Echinacea Suggests Prevention of Cold Symptoms

The HerbClip Educational Mailing Service is published twice monthly and provides hardcopies of reviews/summaries along with the original articles (in most cases). This unique educational benefit is available at the Sponsor Member level. For more information, please contact Aileen Truax at the Development Department or by phone at 512-926-4900.