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February 9-10: Health Canada International Symposium on Food, Nutrient, Natural Health Product (NHP) - Drug Interactions. Château Cartier, Alymer, Quebec, Canada.  ABC Founder and Director Mark Blumenthal will present a lecture titled “Herb-Drug Interactions – Issues and Perspectives.” The aim of the Symposium sponsored by the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) and the Foods Directorate (FD) is to increase awareness of potential food, nutrient, NHP - drug interactions; and to assist Health Canada to develop risk management strategies on these interactions. Phone: 613-957-3506. Web site:

March 3-5. Complementary and Natural Healthcare Conference and Expo. Marriott Marquis, NYC. ABC’s Mark Blumenthal will give a presentation on “Clinically Researched Brands of Commercial Herbal Products: The Issue of Phytoequivalence and Borrowed Science.” Learn the latest clinical advances and most cutting edge approaches at the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Conference and Expo. Register online at and use priority code ABC to SAVE 15% - a $150 savings!

October 14: HerbDay 2006.
The American Botanical Council, working with four national nonprofit organizations as the HerbDay Coalition, are proud to announce that the first annual HerbDay will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2006 – and you are invited!

This month marks the release of new issues of HerbalGram, HerbalEGram, and an additional FasTrak from HerbClip.  You’ll have news and information from all aspects of the herbal spectrum delivered directly to you. We hope that you are receiving each and every update that we send you.  If you are having trouble receiving emails from us, please visit our website to be added to the safe senders list. Thank you for your continued support.


The Staff of the American Botanical Council


HerbalGram #69 was mailed on January 23, 2006. Feature articles are as follows:

Guest Editorial: Media Spins Numbers for Adverse Event Reports on Bitter Orange Based on Erroneous Information from FDA
by Michael McGuffin

Jimson Weed: History, Perceptions, Traditional uses and Potential Therapeutic Benefits of the Genus Datura
by Kofi Busia and Fiona Heckels

Herbal Medicine in Belarus
by Jolie Lonner and Ivan Darashkevich

Additional articles from this issue are available at


Beating the Heat (NY Daily News 1/25/05)
Critics blame the availability of ephedra on DSHEA

Liver Aid: Party’s Over, Make Peace with your Liver  The Village Voice
Can Milk thistle protect or repair the liver after holiday drinking?

SRF: Ten Years of Taking Pharmacy Students to Find Their Roots
Taking a look back on the beginning of the Student Rainforest Fund with ABC Advisory Board member Daniel T. Wagner, RPh, MBA, PharmD

Pills for Losers – Washington Post
Dieters look to hoodia and green tea extract for a natural remedy for weight loss.

Turmeric is a Spice for Life – Positive News
Turmeric may be key ingredient in development of malaria cure.

India Digitizes Age-Old Wisdom  Washington Post
Effort Seeks to Keep Westerners from Poaching Folk Remedies

Hoodia, The New Weight Loss Miracle? - MedicineNet
Though seemingly available, Herb boasted as a new diet aid in short supply.

How Safe Are Diet Supplements?  Business Week
Products of supplement companies questioned by private industry


The current HerbClip bin was released on 1/31/2006. Two samples have been made available online to all members:

Special Extract of Traditional African Herb, Umckaloabo, Treats Bronchitis in Clinical Trial

No Alteration in Bleeding Time in Elderly Patients Taking Ginkgo Extract EGb 761

The HerbClip Educational Mailing Service is published twice monthly and provides hardcopies of reviews/summaries along with the original articles (in most cases). This unique educational benefit is available at the Sponsor Member level. For more information, please contact Aileen Truax at the Development Department or by phone at 512-926-4900.

Latest News

Special CO2 Extract of Feverfew Leaf Effective in Preventing Migraine

FDA Guidance for Natural Products Retailers Available From NNFA


Milk Thistle Clarification 

Pennsylvania to Invest $1.2 Million to Protect State's Wild Ginseng and Other Animal and Plant Resources

March 3: AHPA Tele-Seminar Focuses on Supplement Claim Substantiation as Feds Step Up Enforcement. AHPA’s upcoming tele-seminar, Substantiation for Dietary Supplements — How to Ensure Dietary Supplement Product Claims Are Truthful, Legal & Documented, will supply advice from a panel of experts who are actively involved in all aspects of claim substantiation for dietary supplements. This is a unique opportunity to ask your specific legal, regulatory, and scientific questions.