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A garden path in the Green Pharmacy Garden
The Green Farmacy Garden. ©2023 Helen Lowe Metzman


Community Ecology Institute Purchases Jim and Peggy Duke’s ‘Green Farmacy Garden’
By Connor Yearsley
In December 2022, the Community Ecology Institute (CEI), based in Columbia, Maryland, became the new owner of the former property of renowned ethnobotanist James “Jim” Alan Duke, PhD, and Peggy-Ann Kessler Duke, a prolific botanical artist. The property in Fulton, Maryland, includes a house and an extensive garden called the “Green Farmacy Garden.” CEI, whose mission is to cultivate communities where people and nature thrive together, is committed to continuing the Dukes’ legacy and will continue to make the site open to the public. Read more >>

"2022" written on a chalkboard
Image courtesy of Marco Verch


The Top 10 HerbalEGram Articles of 2022
By ABC Staff
Each January, the American Botanical Council (ABC) editorial staff compiles a list of the most-clicked stories from the previous year. The topics that interested ABC’s members were as varied as the audience the nonprofit serves, and 2022 saw the loss of respected members of the herbal community, new innovations in research, and several instances of herbal medicine in the headlines. Read more >>

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American Botanical Council’s Year in Review: 2022
By ABC Staff
In 2022, the nonprofit American Botanical Council marked several important milestones for the organization. The Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program published its Best Practices Standard Operating Procedures for articles in commerce deemed “irreparably defective,” the Sustainable Herbs Program continued to offer free webinars on a variety of important topics regarding the botanical value chain, and ABC covered new and exciting topics in its essential research and educational publications. Read more >>

Sustainable Herbs Program News

How Many Medicinal Plants Are Cultivated? January 2, 2023.

Systems Change in the Herb Industry. December 28, 2022.


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SHP News:
Regenerative Turmeric in Nicaragua

World News:
Thailand Gives Away Cannabis Plants

Research Reviews:
Aronia and Metabolic Syndrome

Saffron and Diabetes

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Featured Book
Wild Plant Culture cover
Wild Plant Culture: A Guide to Restoring Edible and Medicinal Native Plant Communities was written by Jared Rosenbaum and published by New Society Publishers in 2023. The excerpt includes the title page, table of contents, and Chapter 2: “Plants in Relationship.”

Focusing on eastern North America, this book integrates the traditional knowledge and science of herbalism and permaculture for a comprehensive guide to the ecological restoration of native edible and medicinal plants. Botanist and author Jared Rosenbaum draws from his own practice and experiences with native plant communities to offer techniques and guidelines that improve both landscapes and a person’s connection to nature. The book includes stories from Rosenbaum’s work, detailed plant profiles, how to monitor and prepare a site, and more. As Rosenbaum writes: “Ecological restoration is a way of connecting to and healing nature, returning the gifts that we receive from the plants and the living earth.”

Wild Plant Culture can be purchased from the publisher. Use coupon code Wild25 at checkout to receive 25% off this title. Discount is valid through February 17, 2023, on both the print and e-book editions. ©2023 New Society Publishers. Material is used with permission and may not be reprinted for any other purpose.
Media Watch
Controlled Environment Ag Program Takes Root at Texas A&M AgriLife. AgriLife Today. January 16, 2023. Texas A&M University will offer courses in controlled environment agriculture, which includes hydroponics and aquaponics and is seen as the future of sustainable urban food production.

International Flavors and Fragrances Study Shows Potential for Cistus incarnatus Extract Against Stress-related Signs of Aging. January 13, 2023. IFF researchers recently released a study on an extract of a Mediterranean shrub with the potential to prevent stress-related signs of aging like wrinkles.

Olives, the Source of ‘Liquid Gold,’ Offer More Treasures to Unlock. January 13, 2023. Only about 25% of the olive fruit is used in oil production, which leaves waste products with many benefits left to give, including fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

New Research Reveals Increased Coffee Consumption May Reduce Severity of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Those with Type 2 Diabetes. EurekAlert! January 12, 2023. New scientific research suggests that both caffeine and polyphenols in coffee may help to reduce the severity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among overweight participants with type 2 diabetes.

FDA Plans to Respond ‘Soon’ to CBD-related Citizen Petitions. Natural Products Insider. January 10, 2023. Statements from the agency suggest it may look to Congress for a solution on regulating the hemp-based compound in food and dietary supplements.

Coaxing Fungi into Revealing Their Best-Kept Secrets. Technology Networks. January 9, 2023. A team of researchers at Rice University is surveying fungal genomes for medically useful compounds in hopes of increasing the pace of new drug discovery.

Carotenoids for Cognition: Study Suggests Link Between Intake and Brain Health. January 6, 2023. Better performances in cognitive function tests were associated with increased dietary intakes of α-carotene and β-carotene in elderly participants.

How Integrative Oncology Is Transforming Cancer Care. Open Access Government. January 5, 2023. Integrative oncology, which is a patient-centered field of cancer care that works in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies, is growing in recognition, as National Cancer Institute-funded centers increasingly offer therapies such as yoga, nutrition counseling, dietary supplements, and natural products.

HerbalMediaWatch-Small.jpg Read more Herbal MediaWatch headlines here.

Community and Industry Releases
Joseph M. Betz, PhD, ODS Acting Director, Retires. National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements. January 17, 2023.

Herbs in History: Flax and Ginger. American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). January 17, 2023.

In Memoriam: Robert ‘Bob’ Beyfuss (March 15, 1905-January 12, 2023). AHPA. January 17, 2023.

Call for Articles and Member Contributions to the 2023 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. United Plant Savers. January 14, 2023.

Analysis: Adult-Use Legalization Associated with Less Alcohol Abuse, No Increase in Psychosis. NORML. January 12, 2023.

Analysis: Labor Markets Not Adversely Impacted by Adult-Use Legalization. NORML. January 5, 2023.

Review: Clinical Trial Data Establishes Efficacy of Cannabinoids to Treat Chronic Pain, Aid Sleep. NORML. January 5, 2023.

Scientists Share Plant-Based Drug Discoveries with the Lloyd Library. Lloyd Library. January 4, 2023.

CRN Applauds New York Governor Hochul’s Veto of Legislation That Called for Age Restrictions on Dietary Supplement Sales. Council for Responsible Nutrition. January 3, 2023.

NSF Launches 229 China GMP for Nutritional Supplements. NSF International. January 2023.

AHPA Updates 14 Entries to the Online Botanical Safety Handbook, 2nd ed. in Final 2022 Release. AHPA. December 21, 2022.

Top 10 Plant and Fungal Species Named New to Science in 2022. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. December 21, 2022.

Presidential Wrap-up of GA in 2022. Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research. December 21, 2022.

AHPA Reflects on 40-year History of Defending Herb Safety as Part of Continued Commitment to Move Industry Forward. AHPA. December 19, 2022.
Featured Event
Integrative Healthcare Symposium logo

Integrative Healthcare Symposium. New York, NY. February 23–25, 2023. This event will bring together practitioners from both the traditional and conventional medicine sectors to learn from evidence-based, clinically relevant presentations about alternative and complementary approaches to health care. Register here.

AHPA Webinar: CITES Impact on Your Supply Chain. Online. January 24, 2023.

SHP Webinar: Sustainability Standards and Certifications as a Tool. Online. January 26, 2023.

Herbal Support for Long COVID. Online. January 30, 2023.

International Conference on the Science of Botanicals. Oxford, Mississippi. April 24–27, 2023.

2023 American Society of Pharmacognosy Annual Meeting. Bethesda, Maryland. July 22–26, 2023.

More event listings can be found on ABC’s website.

Herbal IQ
This traditional herb grows profusely throughout the British Isles and Europe and is associated with many folk traditions and songs. It also has a tradition of use stretching back centuries for breathing problems, to improve blood circulation, to stimulate the immune system, and to treat infections. Go wild for this botanical here.