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Road to Ananda cover  
Road to Ananda: A Simple Guide to the Endocannabinoid System, Hemp Phytocannabinoids/CBD, and Your Health was written by Carl Germano, CNS, CDN, and published in 2018 by Healthy Living Publishing. The excerpt includes the foreword by Joseph Mercola, DO, and a selection from “Targeting More than Just CB1 and CB2.”

Supplement industry veteran and nutrition author Carl Germano pushes past the still-lingering stigma attached to the cannabis plant to define and explain the endocannabinoid system of the human body. This physiological system modulates the body’s response to inflammation, stress, and more, and is a growing area of study. Germano claims that this system can help one attain a state of bliss known as ananda in Sanskrit, or what is called homeostasis in the West. Also including an introduction by famed cannabis pioneer Raphael Mechoulam, PhD, Road to Ananda makes the case for cannabis preparations as an integral part of botanical medicine and the key to a full spectrum of wellness.

Road to Ananda can be purchased from the publisher. ©2019 Carl Germano. This material is reprinted with permission from the publisher and may not be used for any other purpose.
Media Watch

This Carnivorous Plant Invaded New York. That May Be Its Only HopeThe New York Times. August 13, 2019. The waterwheel plant is going extinct, but as it makes its new home in the Catskills Mountains, biologists wonder whether to label it an invasive threat.

How Plants Synthesize Salicylic Acid. ScienceDaily. August 13, 2019. While the pain-relieving quality of salicylic acid has been known for millennia, only now are scientists beginning to understand how plants generate this beneficial hormone.

University of California on How Cilantro Works as a Secret Weapon Against SeizuresSierra Sun Times. August 12, 2019. In a new study, researchers uncovered the molecular action that enables cilantro to delay certain seizures common in epilepsy and other diseases.

A DEA Visit, a Psychedelic Plant, and a Controversy Bloom at Miami UniversityNewsweek. July 17, 2019. Two tenured professors at Miami University have been suspended and face expulsion following the discovery of an iboga tree in the school’s conservatory.

The Psychedelics Evangelist: A German Financier Wants to Turn Magic Mushrooms into Modern MedicineScientific American. July 9, 2019. A German millionaire has funded start-ups and independent entrepreneurs with the aim of synthesizing the psychoactive compound psilocybin in a lab.

Research Shows that Drinking Matcha Tea Can Reduce Anxiety. EurekAlert! July 8, 2019. Researchers found reduced anxious behavior in mice following matcha powder or extract consumption.

New Third-Party Certification Program to Test for THC Content in Ingredients, Finished ProductsNutritional Outlook. June 25, 2019. US contract laboratory Alkemist Labs is partnering with Canadian contract research organization Nutrasource to launch a certification program in order to increase confidence and improve decision making in the cannabis products market.

Amla Extract (Capros) May Boost Endothelial Function, Immune Response and More: RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. June 24, 2019. Daily supplementation with an extract from amla may improve the health of cells lining the blood vessels, reduce markers of oxidative stress, and boost immune responses in people with metabolic syndrome.


67th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Products Research. September 1-5, 2019. Innsbruck, Austria.

Natural Products Expo East. September 11-14, 2019. Baltimore, Maryland.

AHPA-ABC-AHP HerbWalk at Expo East. September 11, 2019. Baltimore, Maryland.

2019 AIHM Annual Conference: People, Planet, Purpose. October 12-15, 2019. San Diego, California.

SupplySide West. October 15-19, 2019. Las Vegas, Nevada.

6th World Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. November 13-17, 2019. Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

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