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AHPA’s Self-Regulatory Initiatives in the US Herb Industry

By Karen Raterman
As 2018 begins, the dietary supplement industry in the United States reflects on self-regulatory initiatives that go back 30 years and precede the passage of the signature legislation dealing with supplements, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Guest contributor Karen Raterman’s conversations with current and former AHPA board members reflect an ongoing commitment from the herb industry to support responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and consumer education. Read more >>



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Food as Medicine: Dog Rose Hip (Rosa canina, Rosaceae)

By Hannah Bauman and Alexandra McKee
Both decorative and useful, the rose plant has been used as medicine for millennia. The rose hip contains a high amount of vitamin C and is prized for its anti-inflammatory properties in conditions such as metabolic disorders, arthritis, and aging skin. Would a rose by any other name be so useful? Read more >>




News Organizations Warn about the Potential for Herb-Drug Interactions

By Stefan Gafner, PhD
On January 24, 2018, CBS News released a three-minute video segment warning the public of potential interactions between herbal supplements and conventional prescription drugs. However, the segment lacked specificity. ABC Chief Science Officer Stefan Gafner, PhD, reviews a recent article on the subject from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology to elaborate on the segment and provide consumers with more concrete, relevant information regarding herb-drug interactions. Read more >>


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Featured Book
Critical Guide to Intellectual Property cover  
A Critical Guide to Intellectual Property was edited by Mat Callahan and Jim Rogers and published in 2017 by Zed Books. The excerpt includes the table of contents and a chapter by Josef Brinckmann titled “Owning Up to Owning Traditional Knowledge of Medicinal Plants.”

As technology and modern medicine advance at an unprecedented rate, the question of intellectual property becomes a challenge for all industries, including pharmaceuticals and agriculture. This text explores the concept of intellectual property in its historical context, past and current conflicts, and the delicate tangle of law, policy, and jurisdiction. ABC Advisory Board member Josef Brinckmann contributed a chapter discussing the pressing issue of traditional knowledge regarding medicinal plants: how to preserve it, how to use it for the betterment of health, and how to protect the rights of the indigenous people to whom it belongs.

A Critical Guide to Intellectual Property can be purchased from the publisher’s website. All material is used with permission from the publisher and may not be replicated for any other use.
Media Watch

Building a DNA Barcode Library for the Canadian Flora Using Herbarium Collections. EurekAlert! February 13, 2018. A study of more than 13,000 herbarium specimens found that the stored plant samples can serve as viable sources of DNA barcode segments.

Adaptogens, CBD and Nootropics Rise as Consumers Consider Their Emotional & Mental Well-being. NutraIngredients. February 7, 2018. Consumers are increasingly looking for natural ways to maintain their mental health, and the trend is driving the sales growth of certain herbal products such as adaptogens.

California Makes Marijuana a Wellness IndustryThe New Yorker. January 31, 2018. Recreational marijuana is now legal in California, and the state’s cannabis industry is “equating conscious marijuana use with sublime good health.”

Lemon Verbena Extract May Help Reduce Muscle Damage Post-Exercise. NutraIngredients. January 30, 2018. A recent study found that subjects taking a lemon verbena extract had reduced muscle damage after exhaustive exercise compared to those taking a placebo.

Recent Studies Link Elderberry to Digestive HealthWholeFoods Magazine. January 30, 2018. Two recent studies have examined how elderberry interacts with gut microflora and probiotics, and how those interactions may lead to health benefits.

How Ghee, Turmeric and Aloe Vera Became India’s New Instruments of Soft PowerThe Washington Post. January 29, 2018. Ayurveda is becoming increasingly well-known in the West, and India is looking to further the spread and acceptance of its ancient medicine system.

Will Supplements Help Your Workout or Diet Routine? Science Daily. January 24, 2018. The National Institutes of Health recently released a review of the scientific evidence behind 20 common fitness supplement ingredients, including botanicals such as green tea and garcinia.

Curcumin Improves Memory and Mood, New UCLA Study Says. EurekAlert! January 23, 2018. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of older individuals with mild memory problems found that subjects taking curcumin supplements had significantly improved memory and attention abilities compared to baseline.

Community And Industry Releases
AHPA Welcomes Dr. Holly Johnson as New Chief Science Officer. American Herbal Products Association. January 16, 2018.

Industry Coalition Reminds Consumers, Retailers, and Product Marketers that Dietary Supplements Cannot Claim to Treat Opioid Addiction. United Natural Products Alliance. December 20, 2017.

AHPA Recommends Regulatory Improvements in Comments Submitted to CFSAN. American Herbal Products Association. February 5, 2018.

UNPA Announces the Publication of the UNPA Asia Report, Distributed Throughout China, Japan and Southeast Asia. United Natural Products Alliance. February 1, 2018.

NYBG Scientist Michael J. Balick, PhD, Receives the 2018 Fairchild Medal for Plant Exploration from the National Tropical Botanical Garden. New York Botanical Garden. February 9, 2018.

Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, on the Agency’s Scientific Evidence on the Presence of Opioid Compounds in Kratom, Underscoring its Potential for Abuse. US Food and Drug Administration. February 6, 2018.

FDA, FTC Warn Companies for Selling Illegal, Unapproved Opioid Cessation Products Using Deceptive Claims. US Food & Drug Administration. January 24, 2018.

FDA Grants ‘Priority Review’ Of Plant-Derived CBD Extract. NORML. February 1, 2018.

Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference. February 22-24, 2018. New York, New York.

9th International Conference of Alternative Medicine. February 26-28, 2018. London, UK.

Natural Products Expo West. March 7-11, 2018. Anaheim, California. Find ABC at booth #4330!

Inaugural Inova Integrative & Functional Medicine Conference. April 14, 2018. Fairfax, Virginia.

2018 Practitioner TCM China Tour & Training. May 11-26, 2018. Beijing and Shanghai, China.

5th Annual Traditional Roots Conference. May 18-20, 2018. Portland, Oregon.

More event listings can be found on ABC's website.

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