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By Mark Blumenthal
Pioneering Chinese medicinal herb expert Bill Brevoort passed away at his home in Kona, Hawaii, after a brief battle with cancer. Brevoort and his wife Peggy founded East Earth Herb in 1971, one of the first companies in the United States to make and sell Chinese herbal formulas to the public. He is remembered by friends and colleagues for his extensive knowledge, deep spirituality, and unfailing generosity. Read more >>

By Karen Raterman
As scrutiny toward supplement quality and authenticity intensifies, New Hampshire-based wholesale distributor Emerson Ecologics has launched a quality assurance program for the brands it distributes. The three-part certification process gives Emerson and the practitioners it serves confidence in the products’ strength, quality, and label accuracy. Read more >>

By Hannah Bauman and Jayme Bisbano
No need for a fig leaf here: The fruit of the fig tree is one of the oldest known cultivated fruits and provides an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin K, and potassium. The anthocyanin and quercetin content of figs have benefits inside and out, including applications in cardiovascular health, bowel regularity, and skin care. Read more >>

Bill Brevoort

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ABC News:

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Ethnopharmacology Cover  
Ethnopharmacology was edited by Michael Heinrich and Anna K. Jäger and published in 2015 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. The excerpt includes the title page, table of contents, foreword, and Chapter 8, “New Medicines Based on Traditional Knowledge: Indigenous and Intellectual Property Rights from an Ethnopharmacological Perspective” by Michael Heinrich.

Part of Wiley-Blackwell’s ULLA Pharmacy Series for postgraduate students and researchers, Ethnopharmacology provides an overview and critical appraisal of the field of ethnopharmacology, or the study of folk remedies by different ethnic or cultural groups. Experts representing the leading universities and institutions from around the world have contributed to this volume, and this worldwide perspective is reflected in the diverse topics discussed, from the challenges of plant research and clinical applications to regional perspectives on ancient practices.

Ethnopharmacology can be purchased at the publisher’s website. ©2017, John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. All text is used with permission from the publisher and may not be reproduced for any other purpose.
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“FairWild Week” to Champion Sustainable Wild Plant Harvesting. TRAFFIC. August 2, 2017. In an effort to promote the sustainable harvesting of wild medicinal plants, the FairWild Foundation is celebrating the inaugural “FairWild Week” from August 21-27.

Capitalize on African BiodiversityNature. August 2, 2017. In this guest essay, Mauritius President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, PhD, highlights the potential economic and medicinal benefits of African medicinal plant development.

China and India File Rival Claims Over Tibetan MedicineThe New York Times. July 27, 2017. Earlier this year, both China and India asked the UN to recognize traditional Tibetan medicine as part of their “intangible cultural heritage.”

Hong Kong’s Chinese Medicine Doctors ‘Could Help During Flu Crisis’South China Morning Post. July 25, 2017. A flu strain that has killed more than 200 people since May has placed increased stress on public medical services in Hong Kong, and officials have suggested that traditional Chinese medicine clinics may help reduce this stress.

‘A Misuse of Scarce Funds’: NHS to End Prescription of Homeopathic RemediesThe Guardian. July 21, 2017. New draft guidelines from the National Health Service in England propose discontinuing funding for prescriptions of certain homeopathic and herbal products.

Study Finds Boswellia Helps Control IBSNutraceuticals World. July 14, 2017. A recent study of 71 patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) found that four weeks of boswellia supplementation significantly reduced certain IBS symptoms.

Bastyr Unveils New Teaching GreenhouseBothell-Kenmore Reporter. June 30, 2017. In June, Bastyr University celebrated the opening of its new teaching greenhouse, which will be open to both students and the public.

Breitenbush Herbal Conference.
September 7-11, 2017. Detroit, Oregon.

SupplySide West.
September 25-29, 2017. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Phyt’arom Grasse.
October 6-7, 2017. Grasse, France.

Rocky Mountain Dietary Supplement Forum.
October 10-11, 2017. Boulder, Colorado.
October 18-21, 2017. Marana, Arizona.

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