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By Eric Brand, LAc
Guest contributor Eric Brand, founder of Legendary Herbs, a family business specializing in Chinese herbs, presents his perspective on the recent maca "gold rush" in China — and its eventual demise. Brand gives a firsthand account of his experiences in China during the height of the maca craze and explores the differences in Peruvian and Chinese maca, which vary substantially in price and in quality. Read more >>

By Hannah Bauman, Genesis Valdes, and Candace Charles
Fruit? Vegetable? Poison? Cure? Tomatoes have worn a variety of labels since their domestication in South and Central America. The fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, but modern research has focused on the carotenoid lycopene for its anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists are discovering the many health benefits of lycopene and learning how to get the most of it from this remarkable plant. Read more >>

By ABC Staff
The American Botanical Council is excited to announce that every back issue of HerbalGram is now, for the first time, available in at least one digital format. ABC members have access to all issues, going back to the first issue from the summer of 1983. Read more >>

Maca for sale in China.

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