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By ABC Staff
Three of the 10 most-clicked HerbalEGram stories of 2015 were related to the New York attorney general's actions against herbal dietary supplements, but our new Food as Medicine series was even more popular, with four articles on the list. Did your favorite article make the cut? Read more>>

By Hannah Bauman and Lindsey Duree
“Earthy”: is it a compliment, or is it a pejorative? Though the rustic flavor of beet root can be polarizing, its nutritional value brooks no argument. Find out how this vitamin- and mineral-packed vegetable evolved from livestock fodder to a possible sports supplement ingredient. Read more>>

By Stefan Gafner, PhD
 ABC Chief Science Officer Stefan Gafner summarizes the highlights of several important conferences that covered topics including botanical dietary ingredient adulteration and ingredient identification methods. Read more>>

By Connor Yearsley
ABC Advisory Board member Nancy J. Turner, PhD, an ethnobotanist and ethnoecologist, has dedicated her career to studying and recording the traditional knowledge systems of the First Nations of western Canada. Learn a little about her work and her personality. 
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By ABC Staff
The ABC Staff reflects on the past year, which included new and continuing efforts to educate our members, stakeholders, and the general public according to our nonprofit mission: promoting the safe and responsible use of herbs, botanicals, and other modes of natural healing. 
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Nancy J. Turner, PhD

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Featured Book

Wild Drinks and Cocktails: Handcrafted Squashes, Shrubs, Switchels, Tonics, and Infusions to Mix at Home was written by Emily Han and published by Fair Winds Press in 2015. The excerpt includes the title page, table of contents, introduction, and two recipes: Honeysuckle Syrup and Honeysuckle Blackberry Cocktail.

Author Emily Han draws from her experience in wildcrafting to compile a collection of recipes that explore the tasty and beneficial qualities of many different herbs, spices, nuts, and fruits. With a repertoire that ranges from liqueurs to fermented soda to shrubs, Han encourages readers to experiment with local ingredients to craft healthier and tastier drinks.

Wild Drinks & Cocktails teaches readers the techniques needed to handcraft infused waters, syrups, vinegar drinks, spirits, wines, and sodas. Many of the botanicals used in the text have historical medicinal uses, which she explores in the introduction to the recipes. Han’s concoctions offer a tasty introduction to the world of medicinal beverages.

Wild Drinks and Cocktails is available for purchase on the publisher’s website. ©2015 Fair Winds Press
Media Watch

Kratom, an Addict’s Alternative, Is Found to Be Addictive Itself. New York Times. January 2, 2016. Many opiate addicts have turned to the southeastern Asian herb kratom for relief, but the substance may be causing some to relapse.

From a Cotton Seed to a Potential Cancer Drug. Science Daily. January 12, 2016. Gossypol, a natural compound found in the cotton plant, is currently going through early phase clinical trials for the treatment of prostate cancer.

3 Longevity Herbs for the New Year. Fox News. January 6, 2016. Despite the headline, “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham describes four herbs associated with health and longevity for a happier new year.

Suggested Changes to USP Naming Convention Could Help Clear Confusion over Botanical IDs, Experts Say. NutraIngredients-USA. January 4, 2016. A suggested change in the way USP monographs are titled could help reduce confusion about what precise botanical ingredients are being referred to when certain common names are used.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs Provide Niche Market for US Farmers. Associated Press. December 27, 2015. Growing American interest in traditional Chinese medicine is fostering a new niche market for local farmers, which may decrease the amount of product imported from China.

Global Warming and Botanicals. Nutrition Business Journal. December 18, 2015. As climate change results in more extreme, unpredictable weather patterns, concerns grow over the sustainability of the botanical supply chain.

How Plant-Based Medicine Filled a Void in the Cuban Health Care System. Yahoo! Health. December 16, 2015. A poorly-funded medical infrastructure in Cuba has prompted both patients and practitioners to rely on herbal medicine to fill the gaps.

The 10 Key Events of 2015… Our Editors’ Selection. NutraIngredients-USA. December 15, 2015. NutraIngredients-USA editors reflect on the momentous events of 2015 and what the future holds for the herb industry.

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