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By Ash Lindstrom
HerbalGram Managing Editor Ash Lindstrom presents a critical review of a recent Journal of the American Heart Association article — based on a small French study — that associated cannabis use with greater risk of cardiovascular disorders. Read more>>

By ABC Staff
Citing concerns about evolving public attitudes and potential negative connotations associated with the term "alternative," the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) — originally known as the Office of Alternative Medicine — has proposed its second name change since 1992. Read more>>

By Ash Lindstrom
After 18 years of service, respected scientist and professor Dr. Hildebert Wagner is stepping aside as editor-in-chief of Phytomedicine, a role that will be filled by ABC Advisory Board Member Dr. Alexander Panossian of the Swedish Herbal Institute. Read more>>

By Hannah Bauman
In response to a growing trend of drugs falsely marketed as supplements, the American Herbal Products Association launched in 2011. The site aggregates and disseminates warning and recall notices from the US Food and Drug Administration concerning dangerous drugs on the market as a service to consumers and the industry. Read more>>

By ABC Staff
FON Therapeutics, a business consulting firm specializing in integrative medicine enterprises, acknowledged the achievements and impact of John Weeks — publisher of the popular Integrator Blog News & Reports — with the publication of a new e-book, In Living Tribute: John WeeksRead more>>

Cannabis sativa.

Featured Book
Hempseed Food: The Real Secret Ingredient for Health & Happiness was written by Mariann Garner-Wizard and published in 2013. The featured book excerpt includes the book’s table of contents, preface, and an introduction to the science and history of hempseed.

Hempseed Food 
explores the practical applications of hemp and hempseed as well as its health benefits, nutritional content, economic importance, and medicinal use in the United States. The book contains recipes for using hempseed in a variety of different ways, from breads and pastries to soups, pastas, and salad dressings, and it includes a step-by-step guide to the basics of hempseed use.

“This book revives the possibilities of Hempseed foods for everyday cooks,” writes Garner-Wizard in the preface. The author establishes the importance of hemp as a “functional food” that has “potentially positive effects on health beyond basic nutrition.” The book includes a number of detailed tables and figures, a bibliography, and pages for links and resources for further research and information.

Hempseed Food 
is available for purchase from the author.
Media Watch

We have tested the following article links prior to publication; however, some news organizations remove stories and disable links at various times. ABC sends links to these articles as an educational service, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in them.

Gardening for Climate Change. New York Times. 5-3-14. Shifts in seasonal weather patterns call for a more thoughtful and creative approach to gardening that looks beyond native species.

Decoding The Chemical Vocabulary Of Plants. Science 2.0. 5-4-14. To guard against environmental stressors, plants are capable of synthesizing thousands of chemical compounds, some of which may have human health implications.

Lake Toba Indigenous People Fight for Their Frankincense Forest. MongaBay. 5-8-14. Villagers in North Sumatra oppose logging efforts that are destroying their culturally and economically important frankincense trees.

Dr. Oz Backs Medical Marijuana, Says It's 'Hugely Beneficial'. Huffington Post. 5-14-14. Dr. Mehmet Oz has joined CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta in expressing public support for marijuana, citing its medicinal benefits.

Hunterdon Healthcare Launches Integrative Medicine Program. Hunterdon County Democrat. 5-14-14. A nationally recognized medical center in New Jersey now offers herbal medicine consultations delivered in collaboration with physicians.

'Tomato Pill' Improves Function of Blood Vessels in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease. ScienceDaily. 6-9-14. A randomized, double-blind study found that participants taking lycopene supplements had significantly improved blood flow compared to those taking a placebo.

Indian Nutraceutical Market is Filled with Promise. Natural Products Insider. 5-20-14. Affluent Indians are turning to herbal supplements and functional foods in growing numbers to combat obesity and improve their standard of living.

Developing Traditional Medicine in Today’s Modern World. The Star. 5-21-14. A bioscientist in Malaysia is researching traditional herbal remedies to enhance cancer treatments and slow tumor growth.

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June 20-21: Herb Society of America 2014 Educational Conference and Annual Meeting. Concord, CA.

July 3-5: Phytopharm 2014. St. Petersburg, Russia.

July 22-25: Nutrition Business Journal Summit. Dana Point, CA.

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