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By HerbalEGram Staff
The ABC editorial department presents the past year's top 10 most-clicked articles, which cover topics ranging from grapefruit research to the effects of Obamacare on natural medicine practice. Read more >>

By Tyler Smith
The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia published in December an extensive quality standards monograph for cannabis — the first formal cannabis monograph to be released in more than 70 years. Read more >>

Press Release from the American Botanical Council
Officially offering its support to help address the increasing problem of intentional or accidental product adulteration, the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA) recently endorsed the large-scale, collaborative Botanical Adulterants Program. Read more >>

Press Release from the American Botanical Council
Researchers found that consumption of a kava component inhibited tumor formation in the lungs of mice, suggesting future research avenues for lung cancer prevention in humans. Read more >>

Featured Book

Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon was written by Jonathon Miller Weisberger and published in 2013 by North Atlantic Books. The featured book excerpt includes the book’s table of contentsforeword, and part of Chapter 1, “Introduction to Indigenous Science in the Upper Amazon.”

In Rainforest Medicine, Weisberger explores the cultural and medicinal practices of indigenous people from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon. The book is based on his nearly 20 years of experience conducting ethnobotanical research and interviews in the Amazon. This richly illustrated text — featuring photographs and drawings by the traditional healer and artist Agustin Payaguaje and by the author himself — highlights the wisdom of four indigenous groups from the region, with a focus on preparations of the psychoactive drink ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi).

 As Weisberger states in the book’s preface, “By offering views of the vanishing world of traditional peoples, sacred plants, and the once seemingly limitless rainforest, I hope this text will serve as a record of what was and as an urgent plea to humanity to awaken to what is...”

Available for purchase from the publisher’s website.

Media Watch

We have tested the following article links prior to publication; however, some news organizations remove stories and disable links at various times. ABC sends links to these articles as an educational service, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in them.

Dietary Supplements Can't Treat or Cure Concussions: FDA. HealthDay. 1-9-14. Following recent warning letters, the FDA announced that there is no scientific evidence supporting the use of supplements for head injuries.  

A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops. New York Times. 1-4-14. A proposed bill to ban GMOs in Hawaii has spawned a passionate debate over the technology’s potential harms and benefits.

Chinese Herbal Compound Relieves Inflammatory, Neuropathic Pain. Science Daily. 1-2-14. An isolated chemical from Corydalis root was found to reduce pain and inflammation in animals without developing tolerance.

The Quest for a Natural Sugar Substitute. New York Times Magazine. 1-1-14. The negative health effects of sugar have prompted beverage makers to consider using natural sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit.

Cinnamon Can Help Lower Blood Sugar, But One Variety May Be Best. NPR. 12-30-13. Recent meta-analyses have shown that cinnamon can reduce levels of fat and sugar in the blood.

Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Articles of 2013. NutraIngredients-USA. 12-18-13. Four staff editors and correspondents present their most memorable articles from the previous year.

Can Resveratrol Balance Out a Fatty Diet?
 Futurity. 12-18-13. Researchers found that a resveratrol-rich diet in mice protected an essential component of the immune system that is weakened by high-fat diets.

The Race to Save the World's Rarest Plants
. National Geographic. 12-14-13. A botanist with Hawaii's Plant Extinction Prevention Program is cataloging threatened species, some of which have medicinal potential.

Community And Industry Releases

January 29 - February 1: 11th Annual Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update. San Diego, CA.

February 14-16: Southwest Symposium. Austin, TX.

March 4-6: 2014 International Garlic Symposium. Dana Point, CA.

More event listings can be found on ABC's website.

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The golden rain tree (Cytisus laburnum) is the source of what compound thought to be effective for smoking cessation? Find the answer here!