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By Tyler Smith
Nonprofit and industry organizations question the relevance of a recent National Toxicity Program report that found cancer in animals that were force-fed high doses of an atypical Ginkgo biloba extract for two years. Read more>>

By Tyler Smith
Experts discuss the available scientific evidence behind the herbal ingredient ban lan gen, which often consists of the roots of woad (Isatis tinctoria) and has been selling rapidly during China's avian influenza outbreak. Read more>>

By Patricia De Angelis, Pat Ford, Lindsay Mader, and Anne St. John
New medicinal plants were added to this international conservation convention's list of species in need of protection, and the annotations of several other herbs, such as American ginseng, were revised. Read more>>

By Lindsay Stafford Mader
A recent collaboration between Bastyr and Choice Organic Teas marks the first time the university has allowed its name to appear on a consumer product. Read more>>

Featured Book
Healthy Herbs cover  

Healthy Herbs: Fact Versus Fiction by Myrna Chandler Goldstein and Mark A. Goldstein was published in 2012 by ABC-CLIO, LLC. The featured excerpt includes the book’s introduction and entries on açaí and aloe vera.

Healthy Herbs provides a primer on the science behind 50 commonly used herbs. Each section provides information on the herb’s historical use, main therapeutic benefits, as well as detailed notes, references, and resources.

Available for purchase at the publisher’s website.


Media Watch
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Why Is WHO Opposed to an Anti-Malarial Tea?
 Slate. Hoping to prevent malaria, many Africans drink a tea made from sweet wormwood, despite the World Health Organization’s opposition to the herbal remedy.
Controversy Brews Over Church's Hallucinogenic Tea Ritual. NPR. A Santa Fe-based church can legally consume ayahuasca tea in ceremonies, but neighbors are concerned about polluted groundwater.
California Vet Wants Medical Marijuana for Dogs. Opposing Views. A vet has started a campaign to legalize cannabis tinctures for animals with difficult-to-treat conditions.
Funding Win for Pukka Herbs. InsiderMedia. English organic tea and healthcare company Pukka Herbs recently won a £120,000 innovative business award.
Spirulina Helps Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Food Consumer. Recent studies have found the algae supplement spirulina improves blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.
Cassava and Mental DeficitsNew York Times. Improperly prepared cassava, which contains cyanide, is known to cripple children and has been found to cause mental problems.
‘Grape’ News for Metabolic SyndromeFunctional Ingredients. A three-month animal study found that grape-heavy diets significantly reduced inflammation and protected organs against metabolic syndrome.
Dietary Fiber Helps Prevent Breast Cancer. Food Consumer. Researchers in France found that women with diets rich in dietary fiber have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer.
Community And Industry Releases
May 17: Stevia Tasteful 2013 World Conference. Paris, France. 
June 9-14: First International Symposium on Elderberry. Columbia, MO. 
More event listings are available on ABC's website.
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