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Food Fraud Database Shows Increase in Reports of Black Pepper and 
Tea Adulteration

By Lindsay Stafford Mader, HEG Staff
The US Pharmacopeial Convention recently added about 800 new entries to its Food 
Fraud Database, which suggests that the number of adulteration reports on 
botanicals, such as saffron, remain steady, while reports on the adulteration of other 
botanicals are possibly increasing.

Analytical chemistry experts criticize the findings of two recent DMAA studies — 
which were funded by a company that manufactures DMAA-containing supplements — 
for inadequate documentation of authentication techniques, among other reasons.

By Lindsay Stafford Mader, HEG Staff
Many species of endangered animals are killed or severely injured to support the 
growing industry of illegal wildlife trafficking, largely driven by the 
demand for remedies 
containing rhino horn, bear bile, and tiger bone. 

ABC Press Release
In late January 2013, ABC announced the adoption of olive by Natac, a natural
products and biotechnology company
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Saffron threads.

Featured Book
Sex and Fertility  

Sex & Fertility: Natural Solutions by Linda Woolven and Ted Snider, published in 2012 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. The featured excerpt includes the book's table of contents and sections from the book's chapter on female infertility: an introduction to female infertility and herbs for female infertility.

Sex & Fertility is a user-friendly, science-based guide to sexual health issues, featuring treatments that draw from ancient remedies to modern techniques. Authors Linda Woolven and Ted Snider candidly discuss sensitive yet important topics, including sexuality after menopause, postpartum depression, and male and female infertility.

Available for purchase at the publisher’s website.

Media Watch

Czech Parliament Backs Medical MarijuanaWall Street Journal. With strong bipartisan support, the Czech Republic's Senate recently approved the sale of imported medicinal cannabis.

Biodynamic Cacao: New Trend in Chocolate? Miami New Times. The biodynamic movement, with more stringent rules than organic practices, is a new trend in chocolate and sustainable agriculture.

USPLabs Sets Aside $2m to Settle DMAA Class Action Supplement maker USPLabs recently settled a large class-action lawsuit, denying any wrongdoing.

MU Wins Millions for Medicinal Plant ResearchColumbia Daily Tribune. NIH awarded the University of Missouri $7.6 million to establish the new Center for Botanical Interaction Studies.

Experts Cool Concerns Over FDA Aloe Vera Carcinogenicity Scientists vouch for the safety of commercial aloe products despite negative results from an FDA analysis.

Flu Fighters: Natural Ways to Combat the Flu This WinterFox News. Medicine hunter Chris Kilham discusses natural flu remedies such as elderberry and cat’s claw.

Columbia to Double the Size of Massive Amazon Columbia is expected to double the size of its Chiribiquete National Park.

Good Name Is Restored in Terrain Known for TeaNew York Times. The EU recently decided to restrict the use of the term “Darjeeling” to teas grown only in or around Darjeeling, India.

Community And Industry Releases

Dietary Supplement Industry Coalition Releases 3rd Guideline on GMP CompliancePress release from the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

DC Circuit Court Denies Medical Marijuana Reclassification Challenge, Advocates Vow to AppealPress release from Americans for Safe Access.

New Study Reveals Supplement Labels for Caffeine are InaccuratePress release from the National Science Foundation.

Bastyr University Announces New Master's Degree in Ayurvedic SciencesPress release from Bastyr.

PepsiCo Takes Brominated Vegetable Oil Out of GatoradePress release from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

March 7-10: Natural Products Expo West. Anaheim, CA. 
Additional events information can be found on ABC's website
Herbal IQ

In 1753, the father of taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus, gave chocolate the genus name of Theobroma, a Latin word that he thought was very fitting for the ancient tree (cacao, chocolate’s species name, comes from the Aztec word xocolatl, meaning “bitter water”). What does theobroma mean? Find the answer here.