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Experts and officials question the legality, source, and safety of what some call the new DMAA
By Tyler Smith
Researchers recently detected a methamphetamine-like compound in a popular pre-workout supplement that promises "endless energy" and "unrelenting confidence." Advertised as containing a proprietary stem extract of dendrobium, the product has attracted the attention of the supplements industry and regulatory officials and has become the center of the latest "botanical-based" sports supplement scandal. 

By Michael McIntyre
HerbalEGram guest author and European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association Chair Michael McIntyre discusses some of the most significant legislation to affect UK herbalists in recent years, including the 2011 enactment of the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive.

By Ash Lindstrom
Together, Naturex and the University of Avignon have established a program called ORTESA that is dedicated to the discovery of more environmentally friendly botanical extraction methods. This article chronicles the founding and progress of the research program and includes expert insights on existing and developing green extraction techniques.

Publication Milestone Coincides with Nonprofit's 25th Anniversary
In November 2013, the American Botanical Council published the 100th issue of its flagship publication, HerbalGram. The magazine features a timeline of significant events from the organization's 25-year history and article highlights from each of HerbalGram's 100 issues.

Featured Book
Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals, 2nd edition, was written by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young and published in 2013 by Churchill Livingstone. The featured book excerpt includes the book’s table of contents, foreword, and prefaces, as well as Chapter 3, “Toxicity.”

Essential oils are used widely as medicines and can be found in cosmetics, foods, and household products. Their broad applications necessitate a thorough, science-based understanding of related safety issues, which are described in detail by Tisserand and Young. This comprehensive guide to the safety and health applications of essential oils contains extensively researched and referenced information on essential oil composition, mechanisms of action, dosing, and drug interactions, as well as a special section on cancer and the immune system.

The second edition has been expanded and revised and includes five new chapters on safety issues organized by body system, 305 new essential oil profiles, and 79 essential oil constituent profiles.

Available for purchase from the publisher’s website.

Media Watch

Could Rosemary and Spearmint Extract Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s Disease? Science World Report. Rosemary and spearmint extracts reduced oxidative stress and improved learning and memory in mice.

Coffee as Medicine? Japanese Scientists Show How It Helps the HeartLos Angeles Times. Researchers have shown that coffee may improve cardiovascular health by enhancing blood vessel function.

MTSU Seeds Research for Ginseng Crop Initiative. MTSU News. Middle Tennessee State University’s Ginseng Initiative has partnered with a botanical research center to shorten ginseng’s growth process and increase state revenue.

Families See Colorado as New Frontier on Medical Marijuana. New York Times. Parents of children who suffer from seizures are relocating to Colorado where they have access to a helpful, low-THC cannabis oil.

Natural Compound Mitigates Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse. ScienceDaily. According to new research, resveratrol may serve in meth-addiction treatment.

How Climate Change is Helping Invasive Species Take OverSmithsonian Magazine. Non-native species are adapting to extended growing seasons faster than indigenous plants.

Kratom: The Latest Legal Plant-Based High.Fox News. Chris Kilham discusses the therapeutic and addictive potential of the leaves of this Southeast Asian tree.

Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements May Help Block HIV Progression: Human Data. NutraIngredients. Long-term application of selenium with a multivitamin supplement was shown to safely reduce immune decline risk in HIV patients.

January 29-February 1: 11th Annual Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update. San Diego, CA.
February 14-16: Southwest Symposium. Austin, TX
March 28-31: Medicines from the Edge: A Tropical Herbal Convergence. Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica.
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