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Tina Marie Wilcox
January 18, 2022:

I first met Steven Foster in 1986 in the Arkansas Ozarks His home was a tiny, hand-built cabin with an upstairs bedroom. There wasn’t much room for sitting though the furniture was large, antique and of fine quality. After a tour of the house and his work we stuffed the camera, tripod, and ourselves into his old pickup and rattled off towards the Ozark National Forest.

Foster, Wilcox, and Jim Duke. 

Steven’s intellect would have been too intimidating had he not been such a patient and kindred spirit. He explained Latin plant classifications in a way I could understand. I chased after Steven up and along bluff lines and down creek banks, leaping from slippery boulder to boulder through spring waters washing through waves of watercress and shimmering jewelweed.

For the Heritage Herb Spring Extravaganza in 2009, bay laurel was International Herb Association’s Herb of the Year™. The presenters wore laurel wreaths and during the evening concert, as Jim Duke performed songs from The Herbalbum with Ozark Folk Center musicians, Steven’s photographs depicted the herbs on the screen. I could not have transcended any higher in those moments.

My last bear hug and beer with Steven was at the conclusion of the Herb Harvest Fall Festival, October 5, 2019, in Mountain View, Arkansas. I believe his spirit lives on in his work and in the next realm.