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Emily Ruff
Director, Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary
January 17, 2022:

I often thought of Steven as a shapeshifter: a human who walked between worlds, befriending the spirits of the green in the most spiritual and intimate of ways, while speaking on their behalf in the stuffy board rooms of big industry with equal skill and grace. He was always, by far, the smartest person in the room. His profound knowledge of botany matched his immense knowledge of history and was perhaps only eclipsed by his skillful understanding of how to capture the perfect pose of a plant in a photograph.

Through his books, Steven had been a teacher to me since my childhood. I'm grateful to have had the honor of also calling him a friend over the last decade. I can still hear his signature tone and inflection as if he were beside me now, beckoning me to crawl onto my belly to capture the underside of a leaf with the light streaming through just so.

Steven Foster leaves an immense legacy to our herbal community and an even bigger hole in our hearts. May he know how loved he is as he makes his journey into the mystery, and may he be greeted by the ancestors, awaiting his arrival with the finest single malt scotch — in fact, I think I can hear Jim Duke strumming a tune for him now. May Donna and his children and grandchildren be surrounded by grace and comfort during this sorrowful time.