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Juliet Blankenspoor
Founder and Creative Director, Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine
January 21, 2022:

With encyclopedic herbal knowledge and a deep-rooted love of the emerald, Steven was an expert at distilling the beauty of plants into the two-dimensional worlds of imagery and word. Through his many books, he was one of my first herbal teachers, and my gardens were that much healthier and abundant for his wisdom. Steven possessed that rare trait of seeing what is wrong in the world and what is right and good, and approached humanity with both wry and wicked humor, a generous heart, and an impish grin.

Steven, you left a trail of beauty in your wake. What a legacy! Nineteen books authored or co-authored, detailed monographs, and arguably the most extensive library of medicinal plant photography in the world. My condolences to your wife, children, grandchildren, and all who loved you. You are a treasure, and you will be missed. I hope wherever your spirit finds perch, there are endless lenses, sturdy tripods, and a bounty of plants to befriend.