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Susan Belsinger
Author, Photographer
January 18, 2022:

What I enjoyed most with Steven was heading out into nature with our cameras. Botanizing with him was the best! I learned a lot from him about identifying plants and taking photos of botanicals while out on walks. He had a brilliant mind and such an artistic eye — I have never seen such exquisite botanical photographs as his. Steven was a thoughtful teacher and he guided so many of us in so many ways. It didn’t matter if you were a novice or had a number of degrees: He listened and was patient and helpful. And of course, there was his quirky sense of humor, not to mention that impish grin and oh, how he made us laugh!

Over the past few days, I have read tributes and memories about Steven, and all of them reveal what a sensitive, creative, and caring man he was. He was a family man, proud of every member of his tribe, and adored Donna and loved his kids and grandkids. Our hearts are broken and the herbal world has been rocked with the loss of Steven. We are thankful to have shared the time that we had with him. I find solace in each and every story. He has left us too soon, though he has given us his herbal legacy in his wonderful books and photographs.

Steven in the field working.