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Abby Artemisia
Founder, The Wander School; Author, The Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders
January 19, 2022


What a glorious botanical blessing to not only have known this man, but to spend a whole weekend wandering the woodlands of Appalachian Ohio with him and learning from him. I'll never forget his fingers turning red from the bloodroot he showed us, and especially him lugging this tripod the whole time, over miles of rocky, hilly terrain, to make sure he didn't miss a shot. A few years later, I would stand next to him, watching his intense patience and concentration as he captured the intricacies of the carnivorous sundews at the Florida Herbal Conference, while talking to me about them, still displaying the wonder of a child after all these years of studying plants. 

Steven, despite all he did, never missed the chance to stop and have a conversation when we ran into each other at herbal conferences, or post a Happy Birthday message, or respond to one of my newsletters with a tidbit of plant knowledge he thought I might enjoy, or a pat on the back for a job well done. He was quietly humble about his immense knowledge, always kind and caring and interested in what you were doing, and always willing to help. Thank you, Steven, for making me a better botanist, herbalist, teacher, and friend. You will be sorely missed.