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Brassica Protection Products Adopts Broccoli through ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb Program

AUSTIN, Texas (May 11, 2016) — The nonprofit American Botanical Council (ABC) is pleased to announce the participation and support of Brassica Protection Products LLC, an innovator in the research and development of nutritional ingredients derived from cruciferous vegetables, in ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb program. Through its adoption of broccoli (Brassica oleracea), Brassica Protection Products is helping ABC keep its unique HerbMedPro database up to date with the latest scientific and clinical research on broccoli and its nutrients.

HerbMedPro is a comprehensive, interactive online database that provides access to important scientific and clinical research data on the uses and health effects of more than 250 herbs and medicinal plants.

“For more than 15 years, Brassica has been dedicated to delivering consistently high-quality sources of glucoraphanin from broccoli seeds through our truebroc ingredient brand,” said Tony Talalay, CEO of Brassica Protection Products. “We are deeply committed to making the extensive health benefits broccoli can deliver to our bodies, including long-lasting antioxidant activity and protection against oxidative stress, easily accessible for consumers. We’re excited to partner with the American Botanical Council to further educate academic and consumer communities about broccoli and its important phytonutrient glucoraphanin, which produces sulforaphane in the body.”

“ABC is pleased to partner with Brassica Protection Productions to recognize the fast-growing science on broccoli and to curate decades of scientific and clinical research into HerbMedPro,” said Mark Blumenthal, ABC’s founder and executive director. “Broccoli is one of the most extensively studied plants. This program will make broccoli research more easily available to health care professionals, researchers, consumers and industry members who are hungry to learn about this crucifer’s compelling health benefits.”

About Broccoli

Broccoli, a cultivar group in the same species as cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, dates from the 6th century but was not introduced into the US produce market until the 1920s. It is high in vitamins A, B, and C as well as calcium, carotene, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Broccoli is also a rich source of glucosinolates and isothiocyanates that have well-documented health benefits. Glucoraphanin, a phytonutrient found in broccoli, is the precursor to sulforaphane, a natural inducer of phase 2 detoxification enzymes, which support the body’s detoxification pathways to help eliminate free radicals and help protect the body from environmental pollutants.

To learn more about broccoli, visit ABC’s HerbMedPro databases at

About Brassica Protection Products

Founded in 1997, Brassica Protection Products is an innovator in the research and development of nutritional ingredients derived from cruciferous vegetables, especially broccoli. Brassica extracts its glucoraphanin from broccoli seeds and sells its truebroc™ glucoraphanin for use in supplements, functional foods, and beverages. Brassica also markets Brassica® Tea and Coffee, gourmet tea and coffee containing truebroc glucoraphanin.

For more information about Brassica Protection Products, visit

About Adopt-an-Herb and HerbMedPro

Brassica Protection Products is one of many companies supporting ABC’s educational efforts to collect, organize, and disseminate reliable, traditional, science-based, and clinical information on herbs, medicinal plants, and other botanical- and fungal-based ingredients through the Adopt-an-Herb program. To date, 45 herbs have been adopted.

Each adopted herb is continuously researched for new articles and studies from medical, pharmacy, nutrition, and other professional journals, ensuring that its HerbMedPro record stays current and robust. The result is an unparalleled resource not only for researchers, health professionals, industry members, and consumers, but for all members of the herbal and dietary supplements community.

In keeping with ABC’s position as an independent research and education organization, herb adopters do not influence the scientific information compiled for their adopted herbs.