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(AUSTIN, Texas, March 2, 2015) The nonprofit American Botanical Council(ABC) announces that Australia-based Soho Flordis International (SFI) is therecipient of ABC’s annual Varro E. Tyler Commercial Investment inPhytomedicinal Research Award. SFI is a global natural medicine companycommitted to identifying and developing natural medicines with high levels ofevidence of quality, safety, and effectiveness, and marketing them around theworld.Thelate Professor Tyler — who has been described as one of the most respected menin late-20th century herbal medicine and pharmacognosy (the study of medicinesof natural origin, usually from plants) — was an early trustee of ABC, dean ofthe College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Purdue University for 20years, and vice president of academic affairs at Purdue. He was the seniorauthor of six editions of the leading textbook in the field, formerly used inevery college of pharmacy in the United States, as well as numerous otherprofessional and popular books and many articles in the academic literature.Prof. Tyler encouraged scientific and product integrity, and envisioned arational phytomedicinal (plant-based medicines) healthcare sector that valuedthe proper evaluation of products’ quality, safety, and efficacy.SFIwas established in 2010 as a collaboration between Flordis Pty Ltd and SOHOGroup. The company’s brands now include Flordis, Ginsana®, ProThera®,Klaire Labs®, and Complementary Prescriptions™. “Today,Soho Flordis International operates in over 35 countries and has 68 clinicaltrials published on our own products,” said Nigel Pollard, CEO of SFI. “Throughour research company, SFI Research, we have eight ongoing clinical trials onour own products and those of our partners. Our partners in research andmarketing are other pioneers of clinically proven natural medicines, such asZeller’s, Madaus/Rottapharm (Meda), Steigerwald (Bayer), Bionorica, Ilhwa, andPharmatoka.”“SFIhas established itself as one of the leading herbal dietary supplementcompanies with a portfolio of products that are well-characterized not onlywith regard to the phytochemical composition but also their research regardingsafety and efficacy,” said ABC Chief Science Officer Stefan Gafner, PhD. “Thenumber of current and past clinical studies is a testament to their commitmentto high-quality products. I congratulate SFI for their outstanding work and fortheir well-deserved recognition in the form of the 2014 ABC Varro E. TylerAward for Commercial Investment in Phytomedicinal Research.”Ginsana,which contains the standardized extract of Asian ginseng (Panaxginseng) root, G115®, has a 35-year history ofscientific investigation and clinical use for increasing physical endurance andimproving immune function. (Ginsana and G115 are trademarks of Pharmaton SA ofLugano, Switzerland; SFI acquired Ginsana in July 2013.) Initially patented in1960, Ginsana is the world’s first standardized botanical extract.Flordisalso produces KeenMind®, which contains the standardized extract ofa traditional Ayurvedic plant from India known as brahmi (Bacopamonnieri). SFI’s bacopa extract, CDRI08®, has been shownto promote memory retention and recall, concentration, and focus in five humanclinical trials. Like G115, CDRI08 has decades of research behind it and iscurrently undergoing multiple clinical trials to measure its efficacy in anumber of different populations. These trials exemplify testament to SFI’scommitment to furthering product development and clinical evidence of thequality and potency of its products.“Weare really delighted to receive the American Botanical Council’s Varro E. TylerAward,” said Pollard. “In fact, our company’s vision was inspired by ProfessorTyler and Mr. [Mark] Blumenthal at a conference 16 years ago in Australia.Prof. Tyler’s principles of rational phytotherapy underpin these investmentsand our vision for natural products in mainstream medicine.”“SFIis a company built on the research-based values that Professor Tyler promotedregarding developing and marketing clinically tested phytomedicinal products,”said ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal. “As a research- andscience-based organization, ABC is pleased to be able to recognize SFI for itsmany clinical trials and related research achievements.” Previousrecipients of the ABC Tyler Award include Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company,Ltd., of Japan for 2013; Horphag Research of Switzerland for 2012; Bioforce AGof Switzerland for 2011; New Chapter, Inc. of the United States for 2010;Bionorica AG of Germany for 2009; Indena SpA of Italy for 2008; and Dr. WillmarSchwabe Pharmaceuticals of Germany for 2007.TheVarro E. Tyler Commercial Investment in Phytomedicinal Research Award will bepresented to SFI Founder and CEO Nigel Pollard at the 10th Annual ABC BotanicalCelebration and Awards Ceremony on March 5 in Anaheim, California. The event,for ABC Sponsor Members, occurs during the NEXT Innovation Summit nutrition,natural products, and dietary supplements conference and the Natural ProductsExpo West.TheABC Botanical Celebration and Awards Ceremony is underwritten by generouscontributions from the following members of the herb, dietary supplement, andnatural products industry:

Alkemist LabsAmin Talati &UpadhyeChromaDexEuroPharmaHorphag ResearchIndena USAMartin Bauer GroupMegaFoodNatural Factors Nutritional ProductsNew ChapterNew Hope Natural MediaPlusPharmaRFI IngredientsRyan Turner SpecialtyTraditional MedicinalsUnited NaturalProducts Alliance