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4th North American Research Conference on Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Austin, TX (April 28, 2009) The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, a collection of 43 top medical schools in North America, will host the from May 12–15 at the Hilton Minneapolis Hotel.1 A full list of the 42 member medical centers can be accessed here.

Founded in1999, the Consortium works to improve healthcare through rigorous scientific studies; new models of clinicalcare; and innovative educational programs that integrate biomedicine, humancomplexity, the nature of healing, and the rich diversity of therapeuticsystems.1,2 Its main goal is to make a measurable difference inhealthcare by implementing an integrative approach that incorporatesmind, body, and spirit.2

“Therenewed focus on national health reformhas inspired new questions about the evidence and research necessary to support the claim that integrative medicine can be afoundational element of health system transformation,”said Victor Sierpina, MD, chair ofthe Consortium and ABC Advisory Board member, in a press release. “Thisconference is expected to help answer these importantquestions.”1

Theconference will feature approximately 60 oralpresentations, 250 poster presentations, and 30 symposia. Presentation topicsinclude the following: spirituality, alternative health practices, and healthstatus among college students; effects of mindfulness meditation on eatingbehavior, cortisol,and body fat distribution; nutrition, yoga, and journaling to improve clinicaloutcomes among adults with asthma; and the cost effectiveness of investing incomplementary and integrative medicine. A special symposium will also be heldon traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal herbs.

More informationabout the Consortium and conferenceis available at: abstracts for the conferencecan be viewed here:


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