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ABC Attends Natural Products Expo East

During the Expo, Mark was joined by ABC Advisory Board member Jerry Cott, PhD, to address students who attended the show from Dr. Cynthia Barstow’s “herbal industry” class at the University of Massachusetts.

(October 26, 2004) ABC attended the Natural Products Expo East in Washington, DC this month. ABC Executive Director Mark Blumenthal, who delivered two seminars, was accompanied by Wayne Silverman, PhD, ABC’s Chief Administrative Officer. Lance Lawhon, ABC’s Advertising and Products Representative, joined Mark and Wayne in visiting with Expo attendees at their booth.

Review of Research on Herbs for Energy and Endurance

Consumers and the herb market are constantly looking for herbs that can safely and effectively increase energy and endurance. Mark reviewed herbs and phytomedicinal preparations that may be useful in enhancing athletic performance and endurance, including caffeine-containing herbs.

Regulatory Guidance on GRAS Issues, Old vs. New Dietary Ingredient Analysis and NDI Notifications

Mark was joined by Rakesh Amin, LLM, RPh, Partner, Amin Law, LLC, in offering guidance on GRAS and food additive regulatory requirements for food ingredients, including routes to obtain GRAS status. They provided information to help distinguish between “old” and “new” dietary ingredients and guidance on new dietary ingredient pre-market notifications, including vital information to submit to the FDA. In addition, they presented various types of history of usage, safety and toxicology data to use for GRAS and NDI purposes.