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Mark Blumenthal Interviewed on “Ancient Herbal Cures” on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360

(December 17, 2004) CNN aired a segment on “Ancient Herbal Cures” on its Anderson Cooper 360 show on Thursday, December 16 at about 6:45 pm CST. The segment is part of an on-going series on “Ancient Cures” that this show has been running.

Roberta Lee MD, of the Beth Israel Integrative Medicine Clinic in New York City and co-editor of a new text book on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, is featured in the ca. 90 second taped segment.

CNN interviewed ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal for about three-and-a-half minutes after the opening segment.  During the segment Blumenthal discussed the benefits of elderberry for colds and flu.  To read the elder berry profile discussed by Blumenthal click here.

The Anderson Cooper 360 show airs nationally on CNN and is seen in all major markets and wherever CNN cable is available.

Full transcript of the show.

The text for the opening segment, as provided to ABC by CNN, is as follows:


A long list of medicinal herbs and plant extracts- some of them toxic in large doses- may hold hidden chemical treasures. They include garlic, chamomile, artemisia, deadly nightshade, camphor, caraway, frankincense, myrrh, saffron, spearmint, turmeric, henna, Spanish lavender, gum arabic and rose oil. Myrrh, for example, has been shown to delay the onset of pain in mice through its interaction with the brain receptors for narcotic drugs such as opium. Opium poppy itself - and cannabis - was widely used by the Persians for strong pain and was applied to the skin or ingested. Garlic contains antioxidants and other active compounds that may inhibit some of the causes of migraines, and frankincense has been shown to have pain-relieving and sedative effects in rats. Rose oil, which was prescribed for recurrent unilateral and bilateral headaches, contains several active substances including eugenol, which acts on pain receptors in the spinal cord in rats. Do these ancient herbal cures still have use today? We ask Dr. Roberta Lee, a world-renown alternative medicine specialist, what are the modern uses of these herbs and can they fend off chronic disease?