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Mark Blumenthal quoted in Associated Press Article on Ephedra Alternatives

Mark Blumenthal was quoted by Lauran Neergaard in her Associated Press article on alternatives to Ephedra (1/12/04) entitled "Dieters Seek Alternatives to Ephedra."  The article reports that dieters are seeking alternatives as a result of the FDA's ban on ephedra (Ephedra sinica, a.k.a. ma huang).  The replacements discussed in the article include bitter orange (Citrus aurantium), guarana (Paullinia cupana), and green tea (Camellia sinensis). Bitter orange is receiving the most attention because it contains synephrine which has an effect similar to some of the alkaloids in ephedra.  Blumenthal is quoted as saying, "It's not as potent as ephedra unless you take it in much higher doses."

For more information:

Monograph on Bitter Orange Peel from ABC's book Herbal Medicinal: Expanded Commission E Monographs

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