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Letter to the Editor regarding: Ephedra Products Thin Out, Suze Redfearn, Washington Post

News Page HE01.

ABC has sent a letter to the editor regarding a misquote about the use of green tea extracts in weight loss products. The bulk of the article is accurate with the exception of the following statement: "Green-tea extract has market buzz because of its antioxidant properties, but basically, it's just caffeine,' said ABC's Blumenthal." ABC would like to clarify that there is a growing level of research about the health benefits of tea, including antioxidant activity and cardiovascular and chemopreventive properties, in addition to the caffeine content, which may be the reason it is included in weight loss products. 

Blumenthal was accurately quoted as saying, "You can't have a discussion about herb safety right now without the conversation turning to ephedra. It haunts the herbal industry, has become its Achilles heel."