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New Reference Book Clarifies Safe and Effective Use of Herbal Medicines for Disease Prevention and Treatment

News Release 

Editorial contact: Cheryl Dipper American Botanical CouncilP.O. Box 144345Austin, TX 78714-4345Phone: 512-926-4900Fax: 512-926-2345 Website:

Austin, TX  (May 2, 2003)  The American Botanical Council (ABC) announces the availability of its latest in-depth, therapeutic guide and reference book. The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs is a comprehensive review of 29 of the most commonly used herbs in the United States and 13 proprietary products, and their relevance to modern medicine. By offering the underlying science necessary to understand the safe and effective use of herbal medi-cine, ABC has delivered an important resource for professionals and interested consumers. A bonus that healthcare practitioners will find attractive is the ability to earn continuing education credits.

“Herbal medicine is undergoing a renaissance of interest in science and society. The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs is an urgently needed benchmark of the scholarship that exists in this field. This is that rare book that is a must for laypersons, clinicians, and researchers alike. This volume deserves to stand alongside Gray’s Anatomy as one of the defining texts of medicine,” said Larry Dossey, MD, the executive editor of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and the author of Reinventing Medicine, Healing Beyond the Body, and Healing Word.

The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs features a comprehensive monograph on each herb, a clinical overview for quick reference to key issues regarding safe, therapeutic use, and a simplified information sheet for consumers and patients that includes descriptions, uses, cautionary information, adverse effects, drug interactions, and dosages. A separate chapter covers 13 proprietary herbal products that have undergone clinical studies.

Healthcare professionals may earn continuing education credit by reading the book and completing a post test.  Physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, naturopaths, and osteopaths can contact ABC or visit ABC's website,, for information about and purchase of this CE course and refer-ence book.

The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs is available for $49.95 plus shipping and handling directly from ABC, or ABC’s exclusive worldwide trade distributor, Thieme New York, 800-782-3488 or 212-760-0888, Fax 212-947-1112,

About ABCThe American Botanical Council is one of the leading nonprofit educational and research organizations dis-seminating science-based information promoting the safe and effective use of medicinal plants and phytomedi-cines. This member-sponsored organization also publishes the renowned, peer-reviewed journal HerbalGram, and offers a variety of educational publications covering herb research and regulation for the benefit of the general public and ABC’s members.