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The American Botanical Council (ABC) is passionate about helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants. As an independent, nonprofit education organization, ABC is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information for consumers, healthcare practitioners, researchers, educators, industry and the media.

Please enjoy this information on chamomile made available through the generosity of Brauer Natural Medicine's adoption.

Matricaria chamomilla, in the daisy family (Asteraceae) is an herbaceous annual native to southern and eastern Europe. Preparations, including infusions, are made from its flowers and used for spasms and other conditions of the gastrointestinal tract; skin, mucous membrane, respiratory tract, and ano-genital inflammations; as well as mild sleep disorders and peptic ulcers.

Additional ABC Chamomile Resources

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HerbalGram Articles

Chamomile Profile. 2015;108:8-17.

HerbClip Reviews

Small Study Shows that Chamomile Extract May Increase Sleep Quality for Older Adults. HC# 011811-591, 4/30/2018.

A Review of Chamomile Preparations Used for Treating Skin Damage. HC# 081712-587, 2/28/2018.

Chamomile Extract More Effective than Mefenamic Acid in Relieving Psychological and Behavioral Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. HC# 081736, 1/15/2018.

Various Therapeutic Effects of Chamomile Evident in Systematic Review. HC# 121634-572, 4/14/2017.

German Chamomile Tea Improves Glycemic Control and Antioxidant Status in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. HC# 121535-548, 7/15/2016.

Chamomile Tea Consumption Improves Sleep Quality and Depression in Postpartum Women. HC# 121534-545, May 31, 2016.


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