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Employee Profile: Lindsay Stafford
Lindsay Stafford is an integral part of the ABC editorial department. She is responsible for a range of activities, including writing articles for HerbalGram and HerbalEGram, tracking and editing contributed articles, and creating and distributing each issue of HerbalEGram.

Lindsay is bright and highly motivated. After earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Texas, she worked as the resource center assistant for the National Center for Farmworker Health, a nonprofit that aims to improve the health of farmworker families. There she performed a host of editorial and administrative responsibilities but was not able to devote a sufficient amount of her work hours to writing. When we hired her at ABC, we promised her that she would have more writing assignments and less administrative tasks, and her exemplary and reliable work as a writer has not disappointed us.

Lindsay has already produced numerous articles for ABC, and she has proven to be extremely thorough in her work. She frequently puts extra effort into her articles, conducting a significant amount of background research and interviewing numerous potential sources. She also stays abreast of herb-related topics in the news and often proposes ideas for new HerbalGram or HerbalEGram stories.

In addition to her writing and editing responsibilities, Lindsay contributes to the tasks of coordinating peer review and fact-checking articles for publication in HerbalGram and HerbalEGram. She is in charge of compiling the Calendar and Access sections of each HerbalGram issue. She has helped to streamline the process of creating and distributing HerbalEGram issues each month using the Convio Internet platform software, and she has been instrumental in promoting and instituting improvements to that publication. Lindsay is also responsible for HerbalEGram’s MediaWatch section, which requires that she review dozens of articles each month in the mainstream media and summarize the most compelling stories. She further proofreads ABC press releases and member advisories.

Lindsay studied Spanish in Spain and has done nonprofit work in Mexico several times, including a trip during which she worked on a small village farm. Recently she has been writing articles for HerbalGram that discuss herb-related issues in Latin American countries, and she has had to employ some of her rusty Spanish language skills—which she hopes to improve. At ABC, Lindsay most enjoys writing about the traditional and cultural uses of herbs. She strongly identifies as being a writer and is especially interested in narrative nonfiction and personal essay.

—Mark Blumenthal