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Issue 82
Spring 2009
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Managing and Interpreting the Complexities of Botanical Research
Herbal Pearls: Traditional Chinese Folk Wisdom – An Excerpt of Herbal Lore
The Expanding Market and Regulatory Challenges of Supplements for Pets in the United States
Dear Reader
Honoring Those Who Came Before Us
Herb Profiles

Juniper Berry

ABC News
ABC’s 2009 Botanical Excellence Awards
Meet ABC Board Member Michael J. Balick: Award-Winning Ethnobotanist and Conservationist
Employee Profile: Lucy Bruno
ABC Publishes Monograph on Scientific and Clinical Research of Sinupret®
Organization News
American Society of Pharmacognosy Celebrates 50th Anniversary
World News
Oldest Pharmacological Cannabis Found in Chinese Tomb
After Another Canceled Partnership, the Future of Hoodia Remains Unclear
Research Reviews
Assessment of Liver Toxicity Cases Associated with Black Cohosh Concludes Lack of Causality
Korean White Ginseng Improves Cognitive Performance in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
Rhodiola Extract Improves Burnout Fatigue, Attention, and Cortisol Response
Cochrane Review of St. John’s Wort for Major Depression
Market Report
Herbal Supplement Sales Experience Slight Increase in 2008
Conference Reports
4th World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature
Book Reviews
Alternative Medicine? A History
Arab/American: Landscape, Culture, and Cuisine in Two Great Deserts
Aromatherapy for Health Professionals
How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health
High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography for the Analysis of Medicinal Plants
Mabberley’s Plant-Book: A Portable Dictionary of Plants, Their Classification and Uses
In Memoriam
Nina Etkin 1948-2009
Madalene Hill 1913-2009
Norman Krinsky 1928-2008
Michael Roland Shaw Moore 1941 - 2009
Book Profiles
New Book Profiles