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ABC Introduces New HerbEClips Service

In an ongoing effort to add greater educational value to ABC’s membership benefits, ABC has introduced HerbEClips™, a twice-monthly e-mail service providing many ABC members easier direct access to newly-released HerbClip™ summaries and critical reviews. HerbClip is part of ABC’s vast offering of educational online content, which is available through ABC’s newly-revised Web site, www. The first HerbEClip was issued by ABC on September 14, 2007.

HerbEClips will be delivered two times each month directly to ABC members’ e-mail inboxes and will feature links to the most recently-released HerbClip summaries. The new HerbEClip service also offers ABC’s many members at the Individual level an opportunity to upgrade their memberships to gain full access to all 14 HerbClips that are released every two weeks and to gain access to the more than 3,300 HerbClip summaries and critical reviews that are available in the HerbClip database on ABC’s Web site. Currently, ABC’s Individual members can access only two of the 14 HerbClips that are released every two weeks. In addition, each HerbEClip contains a message from ABC about the latest issue of HerbClip online.

Since 1993 HerbClip has provided summaries and critical reviews of seminal articles covering a wide area of topics of interest to members of the medicinal plant community: clinical and scientific research, regulation, conservation, market trends, etc. Published twice monthly, each issue contains 14 articles drawn from a wide variety of scientific journals, trade publications, government documents, special reports, etc. In addition to online access, HerbClip is also available in a paper version that includes the original articles when permission from the respective publishers has been granted. The entire database of more than 3,300 HerbClips is available online to all ABC members at the Academic level and higher. The database is searchable by keywords, including herb common name, Latin binomial, title, author(s) of the study being reviewed, publication (e.g., journal name), indication (when applicable), and more, in addition to being searchable by full text for all words in each HerbClip.

More information on HerbClip is available online at, and further information regarding ABC membership is available at

—Jeremy Pigg