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Issue 75
Summer 2007
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Peruvian Maca and Allegations of Biopiracy
Safeguarding the Seeds of Native Plants
Wisconsin Ginseng Farmers Fight to Protect Product Reputation
Dear Reader
FDA Finally Publishes GMPs for Herbs and other Dietary Supplements
Herb Profiles


ABC News
ABC Launches New Version of Its Web
Employee Profile: Courtney Cavaliere
Integrative Medicine Expert John Weeks Joins ABC Board of Trustees
Organization News
AHPA Publishes 2004-2005 Wild Plant Tonnage Survey
CRN Launches New Advertising Campaign
Grants & Awards
National Geographic's Herb Book Named a "Best of Reference"
World News
Canadian City Reserves Supply of COLD-fX® for Flu Pandemic Preparedness Plan
Indian Government Funding Medicinal Herb Gardens in Schools
Study Investigates Goldenseal Re-Growth after Wild Harvesting
Survey Shows Older Adults Commonly Use CAM but Rarely Discuss with Doctors
Research Reviews
Ginkgo Special Extract EGb 761® Demonstrates Efficacy in Treatment of Anxiety and Mild to Moderate Dementia with Neuropsychiatric Symptoms
Recent Studies Examine Cardiovascular Effects of Chocolate
Study Finds Hibiscus Extract May Help Control Hypertension
Sun Ginseng's Effects on Quality of Life in Cancer Patients
Trial Finds No Benefit in Raw Garlic or Garlic Supplements for Hypercholesterolemia
Legal & Regulatory
FDA Creates New Agency Position for Food Safety and Defense
Supreme Court Denies Appeal of Ephedra Ban
Conference Reports
Functional Food Products and Phytotherapy for Chronic Diseases
Book Reviews
New Book Profiles
Ginseng, the Divine Root: The Curious History of the Plant that Captivated the World
Herbs & Influenza: How herbs used in the 1918 Flu Pandemic can be effective today
Human Impacts on Amazonia: The Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Conservation and Development
Opium Culture: The Art & Ritual of the Chinese Tradition
Pomegranates: Ancient Roots to Modern Medicine
The Identification of Medicinal Plants: A Handbook of the Morphology of Botanicals in Commerce
In Memoriam
Bent Skovmand 1945-2007
Elizabeth Tashjian 1912-2007
Robert Garrison, Jr. 1942-2007
Stephen E. Straus 1946-2007