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ABC Employee Profile: Nancy Moon
Like so many positions in a small organization, Nancy Moon’s job title does not begin to adequately describe the many important roles she plays at the American Botanical Council. Since she first started working as my executive assistant in June 2005, Nancy has continued to expand her many activities and responsibilities to include additional key functions that gowell beyond her role as my assistant.One of the first aspects that almost everyone notices about Nancy is her almost boundless, positive energy, which she channels in numerous directions simultaneously. She and her trademark orange tennis shoes are involved in many key areas of ABC’s operations and activities.

As my assistant, Nancy performs the following functions. She serves as liaison between others and me, which includes handling all formal communications to and from the Board of Trustees, Advisory Board members, journalists and members of the media, appointments with Sponsor Members, and others. She also handles all press releases, media alerts, and ABC Member Advisories, which includes helping to edit such documents before they are released. Every morning, Nancy provides relevant ABC staff with “heads-up” e-mails about articles on herbs and related topics that have just been published in world media; these articles often find their way to the MediaWatch section of the monthly HerbalEGram, our electronic newsletter. Speaking of the world, Nancy arranges all of my travel plans as well as all invitations for speaking engagements, and she formats most of my Power Point presentations. She handles much of my professional and personal correspondence, including Thank You notes (yes, some people still send them, and, no, I’m not a member of the Junior League!), condolence cards, and so on. Nancy also handles my entire schedule, incoming mail, phone appointments, and conference calls.

Nancy helps to coordinate ABC attendance at conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions, as well as ensuring that ABC educational materials and handouts (such as HerbalGrams) are sent to conferences and speaking venues. She also plays a key role in planning for ABC-sponsored events.

If that were not enough, Nancy is one of the key people performing human resource management at ABC, helping to coordinate performance reviews and the many functions related to HR. In addition, Nancy, with a strong compulsion to volunteer for whatever task needs attention, has become the de facto recorder of all monthly staff meetings.

Nancy recently assumed another important role by becoming a key member of the expanded Development and Marketing Team, assisting the always necessary function of helping ABC to expand its revenue base as a means to expand ABC’s nonprofit educational mission.

Without Nancy, there is no way ABC or I could cover so many areas and function so effectively!

—Mark Blumenthal