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Issue 72
Fall 2006
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Medicinal Plants of Montenegro
Integrating Recent Knowledge about the Genus Echinacea: Morphology, Molecular Systematics, Phytochemistry
Dear Reader
Black Cohosh Safety
Herb Profiles


ABC News
ABC Adds Two New Members to Advisory Board
ABC Medicinal Tree Garden
ABC Announces Major Redesign and Upgrades to Web Site
ABC Employee Profile: Cassandra Johnson
ABC Publishes Crucial Quality Control Manual for Accurate Identification of Herbs and Herbal Products
Organization News
Journal of Natural Products Dedicates Special Issue to Farnsworth
NNFA Becomes NPA, Opens New Offices
World News
Panel Explores Safety of Soy on Reproduction and Fetal or Infant Development
Moroccan Argan Trees Threatened by Climbing Goats
Research Reviews
Special Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle Root Combination as Effective as Pharmaceutical Drug for Prostate Symptoms
Review of Herbal Medicines to Treat Low Back Pain
Sage Leaf Extract Reduces Anxiety in Clinical Trial
Trial Demonstrates that Herbal Combination ColiMil® is Effective for Colicky Infants
Swiss Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Treats Patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency: A Review of 5 Clinical Trials
Legal & Regulatory
Appeals Court Sides with FDA in Ephedra Ban Case
European Health Agencies Recommend Liver Warnings on Black Cohosh Products
Health Canada Issues Advisory on Black Cohosh
UK Expert Committee Upholds Kava Ban
FDA Rejects Proposed Health Claim for Cardiovascular Benefits of Green Tea
AHPA Issues Trade Recommendations for Hoodia gordonii, Ginkgo, Pregnancy Labeling, and Internet Sales
FDA Denies Medicinal Value of Smoked Marijuana
Conference Reports
Functional Food Products and Chronic Diseases
Book Reviews
Juzen-taiho-to: Scientific Evaluation and Clinical Applications
Food Plants of the World: An Illustrated Guide
Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology
CRC Handbook of Medicinal Spices
Herbal Drugs and Phytopharmaceuticals
New Book Profiles
In Memoriam
Lynn Zimmer 1947-2006
Robert Daniel Winn 1927-2006
Echinacea Taxonomy—Is the Re-classification of the Genus Warranted?
Response from the Authors of Integrating Recent Knowledge about the Genus Echinacea