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ABC Employee Profile: Michael Finney
ABC Employee Profile: Michael Finney

The magazine you are holding in your hands is produced by a team of writers, editors, peer reviewers, and an art director. In the middle of all the activity is our Managing Editor, Michael Finney, who is now in his third year performing this vital role.

Michael came to ABC from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where he worked as a technical writer and editor for various scientific and technical publications, mostly in the area of physics and computer science. He has also taught technical writing at Oklahoma State University and English composition at Austin Community College. This is his first association with the world of herbs and medicinal plants.

As managing editor Michael has a wide range of responsibilities; there are many balls in the air when it comes to producing a publication like this one. These include being involved with the inception of each issue through the many stages of the entire editorial process, plus peer review, and finally, proofreading with the aid of a professional proofreader and members of the ABC staff. Producing a magazine like HerbalGram is a an almost Herculean task, especially considering that almost every article must undergo a form of peer review that requires considerable communication with numerous reviewers, as well as the collection and evaluation of their comments and edits. (Sometimes more than a few of these reviewers need a bit of diplomatic coaxing to respond with their edits in a timely manner.)

One of Michael’s key tasks is the reviewing and editing of every article (features, research reviews, books reviews, etc.) to ensure a smooth style and proper adherence to the style manuals we follow. Many of the articles benefit from his subtle but important rewrites.

In addition to his role in the actual management and editing of HerbalGram, Michael also provides another invaluable function here at ABC: He recruits local university students in journalism and communications for editorial and writing internships at ABC and supervises and trains these interns. They provide a much-needed source of editorial support for our publication.

The bottom line for us at ABC, and our thousands of members, is that Michael has performed admirably since his arrival at ABC, ensuring that every issue of HerbalGram is sent to the printer on or before the deadline. Michael’s diligence has enabled ABC to meet its obligations to its members and distributors by ensuring that every issue of HerbalGram is accurate, and on time!

—Mark Blumenthal