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ABC “Affinity” Credit Card Program with MBNA to Terminate
ABC “Affinity” Credit Card Program with MBNA to Terminate

MBNA America Bank, N.A. (MBNA) has decided to terminate an “affinity” credit card program with the American Botanical Council (ABC), which has been in effect since October 1998.

In this program, ABC and MBNA jointly marketed credit cards and credit card programs. ABC received a royalty for accounts that were opened and a percentage of all purchases. Those royalties will be paid through December 31, 2005. Although holders of the credit cards will still be able to keep the accounts active and use them for purchases and balance transfers, ABC will no longer receive any royalty for those transactions after the termination date. ABC asks its members to inform others who may have this credit card regarding the termination of royalties to ABC.

ABC would like to express its appreciation to MBNA for participating in this program and to those members and other supporters who established accounts through this program. During the past 7 years, revenue from the MBNA program averaged $4,000 annually.

Those who have participated in the program to assist ABC may now consider other, more direct ways to contribute. See the article on page 10 for details.