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ABC Employee Profile: Sean Barnes
ABC Employee Profile: Sean Barnes

When ABC Art Director Sean Barnes started at ABC, we were pleased to have a creative design professional for HerbalGram. Initially, designing HerbalGram was going to be Seans primary role. However, he announced from the beginning that he wanted to establish a consistent look and feel for everything that the public sees from ABCfrom HerbalGram to our books, ads, printed materials, Web pages, and much more.

Sean is responsible for design and production of all elements of HerbalGram, including selecting appropriate artwork and photography for each article (often in consultation with Associate Editor and primary photography supplier, Steven Foster) and designing the layout to enhance the readability, attractiveness, and usefulness of each article. His production duties include obtaining printing bids, producing print-ready media for printers, checking and correcting proofs, and acting as ABCs primary contact with printers.

What sets HerbalGram apart from most other professional herbal, botany, medical, and pharmacy publications is our graphic design. Since we converted HerbalGram from newsletter to magazine format in 1988, we have evolved to the beautiful, four-color magazine you now hold in your hands. We are grateful to our previous art directors who have contributed to this evolution, but Seans talent has helped HerbalGram take a quantum leap in its design.

We continually receive positive feedback on HerbalGrams looks. I recently received a call from one of our Advisory Board members. He and some members of his university research team had just discussed the then-latest issue (#65), and he wanted me to know that all of them appreciated the quality of the artwork and layout. He said that HerbalGram just gets better and bettera comment that I receive frequently, and which is most influenced by its layout, photography, and graphic qualities.

Sean started at ABC in 2000 and designed HerbalGram issue number 51, so this is his 16th issue. It is obvious to everyone who sees HerbalGram that he is immensely talented. The look and feel of HerbalGram and ABC is the best it has ever been.

Seans duties at ABC, however, go far beyond his role with HerbalGram. He also designs our educational and marketing materials, ABCs Web pages, flyers, brochures, advertisements, online and printed catalogs, conference and trade show materials, etc. Sean is also responsible for the design and format of ABCs most recent book, The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs, and has started the design of a new book on botanical identification that ABC is publishing with the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Seans job is to make ABCs educational materials attractive, readable, and engaging. He does this through creative design that has unified our look for the public, and for that, the ABC Board and staff, readers, members and stakeholders, are most grateful.

Mark Blumenthal