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Issue 60
Fall 2003
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Classic Herbal Texts Brought into the Digital Age
A Rational Perspective on Adverse Events Reports on Herbs: Misinterpretation of Adverse Reactions Tabulated in the TESS Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers as They Relate to Ephedra Dietary Supplements
Cryptolepis: An African Traditional Medicine that Provides Hope for Malaria Victims
Memorial Herbal Garden Thrives in the Heart of Chicago
Studying Markets to Identify Medicinal Species for Domestication: The Case of Annickia chlorantha in Cameroon
Dear Reader

Dear Reader

ABC News

ABC Helps Visually Impaired Students to Learn Gardening, Business

Herbal Information Specialist Certification Now Available to Retailers

ABC Employee Profile: Margaret Wright

What You Didn't Know about

Organization News
AHPA Releases White Paper on Standardization of Botanical Product

Organic Consumers Association Campaign Focuses on Truthful Labeling in Body Care Products

New "Fast-Track" for American Herbalists Guild Professional Membership

Sage Mountain Health and Wellness Clinic Creates Community Healers

AHPA President McGuffin Appointed to FDA Food Advisory Subcommittee

World News

Liquid Medical Marijuana Awaiting Approval in Britain

Survey Shows that Australians Generally Do Not Reveal Herb Use to Chiropractors
Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance Forms
Research Reviews
Study Shows No Systemic Estrogenic Effect of Black Cohosh Extract
Survey Results of Cancer Patients’ Alternative Medicine Use
Effects of Saw Palmetto Extract on Prostate Tissue of Men with BPH
Isoflavones Linked to Anticancer Activity in Soy
Lack of Efficacy of Valepotriates from Valerian in Small Trial on Patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Evaluation of a Frankincense-Turmeric Preparation for Managing Knee Osteoarthritis
Efficacy of Butcher's Broom in Chronic Venous Insufficiency
St. John's Wort and Drug Interactions
Pycnogenol® Chewing Gum Tested on Dental Plaque Formation and Gingival Bleeding
Use of Valerian in Small Sample of Children Experiencing Insomnia
Reduction of Nausea and Vomiting after Hysterectomy Using Capsicum Plaster
Kava and Valerian Reduce Stress Reaction in Clinical Trial
Legal & Regulatory
Canada Issues Final Natural Health Product Regulations
American Botanical Council Clarifies Safety Issue on Star Anise Tea
FDA Publishes Rule to Incorporate AHPA's Herbs of Commerce in Herb Labeling
Conference Reports
LatinPharma Expo 2003, Lima Perú: Natural Products Roundtable, Trade Show, Buyers/Sellers Meeting
Students of Pharmacy and Herbalism Meet, and Learn, in Belize
Book Reviews
The 5-Minute Herb and Dietary Supplement Consult, by Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD
The Lost Language of Plants, by Stephen Harrod Buhner
The Scientific and Technical Profile of the Genus Thymus, by Wudenah Letchamo, PhD.
In Memoriam
Gilbert Boye 1934-2003
Thomas Green 1906-2001
Book Profiles
New Book Profiles
Plant Patents
Premenopausal Uses of Clover-derived Isoflavones
Aloe Carbohydrate Fractions Breathe Relief into Respiratory Diseases