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AHP Adds Ginkgo Leaf Monograph to Series
AHP Adds Ginkgo Leaf Monograph to Series

The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP), a California-based non-profit research organization, will release its quality control standards and therapeutic compendium for Ginkgo Leaf-Ginkgo Leaf Dry Extract(Ginkgo biloba L., Ginkgoaceae) this summer. Each of the 18 monographs in the series establishes national standards for assuring authenticity, purity, and quality control of the monographed botanical. The Therapeutic Compendium provides a complete and critical review of the pharmacological and safety data currently available.

Ginkgo leaf is used by many for its reported effects on improving cognitive functions. According to AHP Executive Director Roy Upton, "Between 1975 and 2002, more than 40 controlled trials were published concerning the use of ginkgo leaf extract to treat patients with cerebrovascular insufficiency. The overwhelming majority of the available studies report positive findings such as improved cognition and even a slowdown in the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Management and treatment of patients with Alzheimer's is one of the greatest drains on Medicare costs and costs the United States in excess of $100 billion annually. This latter benefit alone could save hundreds of millions in health care costs."

Each monograph represents a thorough and critical review of all aspects of the particular herbal medicine available. They provide complete and reliable information regarding the true therapeutic potential and safety of the herb so that people and health professionals can make educated decisions about its use.

The new ginkgo monograph costs $24.95 each. Others in the series are available for $19.95 (except St. John's Wort which costs $9.95 each). The full set of 18 monographs costs $328. Order through AHP or through the American Botanical Council's website <>, email to <Customer Service>, or by telephone 800/373-7105 or 512/926-4900. A list of the species in the series is in the Herbal Education Catalog, which begins on page 75 of this issue of HerbalGram.

[Source: American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Publishes Ginkgo Leaf / Ginkgo Leaf Dry Extract Ginkgo biloba L. Monograph [press release]. American Herbal Pharmacopoeia May 30, 2003.]