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ABC Partners with Rector-Duncan on HerbalGram

The American Botanical Council recently entered an agreement with Rector-Duncan & Associates, Inc., of Austin, Texas, to help produce HerbalGram.

Rector-Duncan is a 30-year old company that offers a variety of publication and non-profit organization administrative services, and is the largest association magazine publishing firm in Texas.

Rector-Duncan staff members will focus primarily on display advertising sales and service. Jared Hensley is the new Advertising Manager for HerbalGram advertising. Wendy Browing provides sales information analysis. Kyle Montgomery, Rector-Duncan’s vice president, is the lead liaison between his company and HerbalGram.

"We are grateful to have the services and experience of Rector-Duncan to help us with the publication of HerbalGram," said ABC founder and executive director Mark Blumenthal, who is also editor and publisher of HerbalGram.

"Not only will Rector-Duncan’s staff assist us in generating new advertising revenue, but through its strong relations with its printer, ABC will enjoy more favorable printing costs for HerbalGram. The prospect of increased revenues and lower costs is urgently needed at a time when the entire economy, particularly the magazine trade, is experiencing such difficult challenges," he added. "An added bonus is that they are our neighbors, right here in Austin. This proximity will facilitate and optimize our relationship."

"We see HerbalGram is a high-quality publication and we understand what that takes," said Kyle Montgomery, vice-president of Rector-Duncan. "We look forward to this partnership blossoming to the benefit of ABC and HerbalGram readers.

HerbalGram will now be printed by Branch-Smith Printing, of Fort Worth, Texas.

Current and potential advertising clients should contact Jared Hensley for information about placing display ads in HerbalGram. He may be reached at 512/454-5262, ext 123, or via email <>.

– Karen Robin