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United Plant Savers Rebuilding after Fire Destroys Home Office
United Plant Savers Rebuilding after Fire Destroys Home Office

The United Plant Savers (UpS) office building and its contents were destroyed by fire on March 4. The office had been in the studio of Cindy Riviere, the UpS office manager. She also owns and directs Plant it Herbs, a source of rare Chinese herbs and seeds. The fire consumed all UpS office equipment, office furnishings, records and supplies, and the inventory of books, posters, and slide shows. Ms. Riviere lost her precious herbarium and seed collection, years of research, unique plants and planting stock, and her entire library.

Unfortunately, UpS was under-insured and overstocked in that the organization had just purchased a new computer and printer, and had recently reprinted most of its materials as a result of relocating to Ohio. Fortunately, a copy of computer files remained in Vermont, dating back to October, which provides a strong base from which to rebuild. Also fortunate is the highly enthusiastic support of people in southern Ohio, which is also home to the UpS Botanical Sanctuary. The community there is already preparing to help rebuild the studio/office and some help and supplies have been donated.

How You Can Help

Ameliorating this tragedy is the exhilaration of coming together to rebuild. UpS trusts that its friends will want to lend assistance. The best way to do this is by sending a donation to help pay the costs of replacing what was lost in the fire. UpS has established a Fire Fund, with the goal of raising $30,000. Donations should be sent to: UpS Fire Fund, P.O. Box 77, Guysville, OH 45735.

Also, members who joined since October, and whose records were lost in the fire, should contact UpS via email at or call Cindy at 740/662-3413.

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