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ABC Names Volunteer of the Year, Honors Those Who Donate Talent
ABC Names Volunteer of the Year, Honors Those Who Donate Talent

Volunteers continue to play an important role at ABC. As 2002 began, ABC staff reflected back on the many hours given by members of the community to help us fulfill our mission. Gratitude does not begin to describe the feelings ABC has for the outstanding people who freely contribute their time and talent to the organization. This year ABC is beginning the tradition of naming a Volunteer of the Year to especially acknowledge one of these individuals.

A nonprofit research and education organization like ABC is dependent on a large number of resources from which we draw our herbal information. This includes books, journals, magazine, newsletters, and numerous other materials. Keeping these reference resources organized has been a constant challenge to ABC employees and interns, and requires a considerable amount of time and energy. ABC was therefore thrilled several years ago when Shirley Beckwith began offering her expertise while completing her master’s degree in Library and Information Science.

A professional researcher at the University of Texas for over 30 years, Shirley has been coming to ABC every Wednesday for three years to organize and file much of our reference materials. Initially this was a major undertaking, but Shirley has persevered and helped to create a significant level of organization in our books, journals, magazines and files — allowing ABC staff and visiting interns the opportunity to access information in a much easier manner.

“Shirley is a treasure,” says Education Assistant Tanja Kunz. “I can’t imagine what we would do without her.”

Mark Blumenthal commented, “Shirley has generously donated her time and professional expertise, asking for nothing in return. It is through people like Shirley who volunteer their time and energy that nonprofits like ABC are able to offer their services to the public. We are delighted to honor Shirley as our Volunteer of the Year for 2001. Thank you Shirley, on behalf of all ABC staff and the thousands of people who benefit from our work!”

Many other individuals have contributed countless hours to ABC. Volunteers have contributed to research efforts, resource organization, project planning, fundraising, marketing campaign development, garden planting and maintenance, as well as community outreach. The assistance of these volunteers makes ABC’s work much easier.

Thank you to Denise Adams, Laurie Aroch, Amy Bystrom, Rebekah Capers, Nathan Davis, Maressa Gabriel, Susie Gelbe, Kizzy Hannibal, Hank Hsieh, Adriane Hoard, LeAnne Hunt, Ellie Loggins, Jean Loveday, Liz MacDonald, Monica Naples, Susan Polasek, Jeffrey Potts, Barbara Springer, Raina Tillman, Sara Wallfisch and others whose names may have been missed.

—Christina Allday-Bondy