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8th Annual Pharmacy from the Rainforest Tour Huge Success

More than 40 people attended ABC’s 8th annual Pharmacy from the Rainforest tour to the Peruvian Amazon from October 27 through November 4, 2001. Despite a big storm that made some of the paths impassable and the canopy walkway unavailable for a time, attendees reported that the trip was fun, intellectually stimulating, and professionally rewarding. (Doctors and pharmacists may earn continuing education credits for attending the seminars on the tour.)

Of special interest to some of the attendees was the encyclopedic knowledge of the guides. The position of guide in Peru is highly sought after and requires years of practical study, resulting in guides who are very well trained in the natural history of their region. Other items of interest in addition to the seminars are the wide variety of flora and fauna, interacting with people from a different culture, and the perennial favorite, the canopy walkway that soars 110 feet above the rainforest floor.

For more information on any of the tours below, call Kim at 512/926-4900, ext. 101 or email . Please reference the 3-digit number in parentheses (below) if there is one.

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