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Issue 54
Spring 2002
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Novel Antimicrobials from Mushrooms
The Nature of Ginseng: Traditional Use, Modern Research, and the Question of Dosage

Remembering Professor Tyler: Herbal Medicine at the Crossroads: The Challenge of the 21st Century

The Five Shens: Ginseng Substitutes in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ice Man's Medicine Kit
Nature and Taste in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Parsing our TCMs
Herbal Medicine at the Crossroads: The Challenge of the 21st Century
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
ABC Advisory Board Expands to Include Added Expertise
8th Annual Pharmacy from the Rainforest Tour Huge Success
ABC to Publish New Clinical Guide to Herbal Medicines
ABC Names Volunteer of the Year, Honors Those Who Donate Talent
Organization News
New Monographs Added to the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Series
Experts To Publish Chinese Herb Safety Guidelines
Industry Coalition Advises Against Use of Dietary Supplements as Anthrax Remedy, Cure
World News
Selected Herbs Added to ObGyn Menopause Practice Guidelines
Phytonutrient Database to Survey Health Benefits of Plants
Preliminary Research Suggests Catnip Effective as Mosquito Repellent
New Species May Revolutionize Anti-Cancer Medications
Market Report
Consumer Attitudes Predict Upward Trends for the Herbal Marketplace
Legal & Regulatory

Trade Organizations, Court and Government Actions Affect Herbal Industry

Conference Reports
Traditional Knowledge Summit Builds Bridges of Intercultural Understanding for Ethnoscience, Conservation, Sustainable Development, Medicinal Plant Research, and Cultural Survival
Ethnopharmacology or Bioprospecting: Two Sides of the Same (Western) Coin?
Beyond Plants, Professionals and Parchments: The Role of Home-based Traditional Health Knowledge and Medicinal Plant Use in Primary Health Care in Ethiopia
Integrated Healthcare System: Meeting Global Health Care Needs in the 21st Century
Nights of Kava: Social Custom in Vanuatu
Book Reviews
The Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms. Third edition

Herbal Prescriptions for Health and Healing
Natural Dietary Supplements Pocket Reference

Medieval Herbals: Illustrative Traditions

In Memoriam
Heber W. Youngken, Jr. 1919-2001
C. Norman Gillis 1933-2001
Bernard Jensen 1908-2001
Clinical Update
Herbal Ear Drops Effectively Treat Ear Pain Associated with Acute Otitis Media
Low-Fat Diet, Supplemented with Flaxseed, May Influence Prostate Cancer Progression
Herb Blurbs
Berry Good for You
Journal Reviews

Journal of Ethnopharmacology